Hello educational travelers and Happy Wednesday!

You’ve made it to the middle of the week and the weekend is finally within sight; so hang in there!

As I was thinking about what kind of educational travel blog post I wanted to share with y’all today, it occurred to me that part of the student travel experience is understanding why places should be visited. With that thought, I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesday blog posts to the why of travel.

Throughout all my years of travel, I’ve realized that there are an abundance of opportunities that come with traveling educationally. I have been so fortunate to travel to some of the world’ greatest cities, and I want to share my knowledge with future student travelers who want to experience the same things. With each Wednesday why post, I’ll share in great detail the enriching moments that can stem from asking why should I travel? Why should I visit the “City of Lights?” Why is it important to understand the differing cultures of the world? Most importantly though, why should I encounter all of these beautiful cities, culture, people, styles of food, and museums among other things on an educational student tour?

Well, have no fear! My hope is that through reading my travel posts, you will develop an understanding of why it’s so important to experience the world through other people’s ways of life. I hope that you’ll find helpful information about important landmarks and points of interest and learn about the origins of travelĀ all while creating lifelong memories.

So will you join me?

In the spirit of travel,