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Passport information can be forwarded to EA Tours at a later date as long as it is received BY YOUR FINAL PAYMENT DATE. TOUR SPACE IS LIMITED. If you do not yet have a passport, DO NOT DELAY submitting this application and initial payment.

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EA Tours is pleased to allow travelers to arrange their own airline tickets (frequent flyer, airline employee, etc.) and receive a reduction in their tour cost. For more information on the “Land Only” tour price, please call the EA Tours finance department at 1-800-989-3876.

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  • The initial deposit, as stated on tour brochure, is non-refundable.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other major credit can be used for ALL tour payments.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Upon our receipt of your application, you will be invoiced by EA Tours and payment may be made online by check or credit card with the invoice. Following your initial deposit payment, credit cards can be accepted either by phone OR by completing the credit card information area.

INTERNATIONAL TOUR DEPOSIT/ADMINISTRATIVE PAYMENT POLICY: For international tours, the price includes a non-refundable deposit/administrative fee, which is listed on your tour brochure. In order to participate in a tour offering, an official tour application must be submitted along with the deposit. The deposit/administrative fee is considered your initial payment and a subsequent payment will be due within 2-4 weeks of receipt by EA Tours of the tour application and deposit.

DOMESTIC TOUR DEPOSIT/ADMINISTRATIVE PAYMENT POLICY: For domestic tours, the price includes a non-refundable deposit/administrative fee, which is listed on your tour brochure. In order to participate in a tour offering, an official tour application must be submitted along with the deposit. The deposit/administrative fee is considered your initial payment and a subsequent payment will be due within 2-4 weeks of receipt by EA Tours of the tour application and deposit. However, because every school/group tends to differ in payment amounts and procedures, please consult with your group’s coordinator or refer to the tour-offering page pertinent to your group at to learn more about what applies to your group.

TOUR PRICE/TOUR PAYMENT: All prices are based on tariffs, international currency exchange rates (if applicable) and governmental regulations in effect at the time of tour pricing and with notification may be subject to change. The tour price is based on multi-bedded rooms (generally triples for international tours and quads for domestic tours) unless specifically stated otherwise in the brochure. For tours utilizing multi-bedded rooms, a single or double room maybe available upon request and will be charged as a supplemental fee. Entrance fees and other tour related items associated with certain venues may have age-sensitive pricing. Thus, occasional “adult” supplements may apply. Tour prices and arrangements offered are only valid with a scheduled group departure. Any balance due of final payment must be received by EA Tours no later than seventy days (in some cases 90 days) prior to departure. All final payments must be paid within 48 hours after the listed due date on the applicable tour invoice or the tour participant will be charged a $95.00 late fee for international tours and $50.00 for domestic tours. Non-payment within the designated timelines are subject to cancellation without refund benefits. Discover, Diner’s Club, VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted for payment. If you think you will have a problem with your final payment, please contact us. EA Tours wants to work with you. PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO EA TOURS/VOYAGER TRAVEL, INC. Any payment made to EA Tours is subject to the CANCELLATION/REFUND policies explained in all of EA Tours’ printed materials. The following policy applies if reservations for a tour are made 95 days or less (considered a late reservation) prior to departure: Any late reservation will be considered only after receiving the participant’s application and tour payment in full (less airline and governmental taxes or excess fees which will be billed at a later time). After the application and payment are received the individual tour price and arrangements (if different from that of the group) will be determined. All fees due (including taxes, governmental surcharges, excess fees, etc.) must be paid in full before an airline ticket will be issued. Should an individual who applied 95 days or less determine that either price or arrangements are unacceptable to the participant, they have the right to decline the offer and receive a full refund. Please, due to limited space, file your application/administration fee as soon as possible.

TOUR CANCELLATION AND REFUND: Any cancellation/refund request must be submitted in writing and the effective date of cancellation will be the day that EA Tours receives the written notice. For a cancellation/refund request received within 99 days, but not later than 65 days prior to departure, a refund minus 40% of the total tour price will be issued. For a cancellation/refund request received within 64 days, but not later than 21 days prior to departure, a refund minus 75% of the total tour price will be issued. A cancellation/refund request received 20 days or less prior to departure, or any tour participant who is a no-show for whatever reason, will not receive a refund of any kind. Cancellation by a tour participant due to concerns of terrorist activity will be considered as a subjective opinion of the tour participant and shall not be the basis of either a partial or full refund of monies paid, even if based on terrorist activity in the region of proposed travel. Refunds for tour cancellation due to terrorism will be made ONLY when a tour is scheduled to visit a country in which travel by U.S. citizens has been officially forbidden or outlawed by the United States government. However, EA Tours does reserve the right to alter or change the dates and/or itinerary to avoid such areas that are potentially dangerous, or for which the U.S. government has issued travel warnings, or which has been officially forbidden for travel by U.S. citizens without incurring a liability for refunds. State Department advisories and/or warnings do not constitute or imply that travel to the countries mentioned has been officially forbidden or outlawed. In the unlikely event that EA Tours were to cancel a tour offering, full refunds will be issued to those participants as they relate to their tour. Additional fees may be applied in the event EA Tours is instructed to make changes to the itinerary. In the event an institution elects not to offer a program for academic credit (or not for credit) or withdraws affiliation, regardless of when that decision is made, EA Tours is not liable for refunds of fees, except as outlined in the cancellation and refund section of this application. Furthermore, if a student withdraws, is suspended or expelled from a school (with whom travel is scheduled) and either the school or the student requests that they not participate in the tour, refunds will be issued in accordance with the terms outlined in the cancellation and refund section of the tour conditions. Tour participation is non-transferable. Please Note: Optional Tour Cancellation Insurance is available and could help you avoid costly forfeitures. It is the responsibility of the participant to request information about optional travel insurance/coverage.

TRANSPORTATION: Included in the tour price of each program, unless stated otherwise or not applicable, is airfare and other required ground transportation (some city sightseeing, inter-tour transportation, etc). Based on past group size and/or information supplied by group leader / leaders EA Tours reserves a specific number of airline seats at the beginning of the tour offering. In the unforeseen event that the number of tour participants exceeds the number of seats reserved, EA Tours will request additional seats at the applicable group fare. However, in the unfortunate event that seats are not available, at the applicable group fare, the tour participants may be offered one of the following options: pay the difference in the airfare, receive a refund of all monies paid, or travel on a flight schedule different from the group’s. Even though EA Tours strives to supply flights with as few flight changes as possible, no guarantee is made that either non-stop or direct flights will be used. Additionally, because EA Tours does not control airline inventory or seating assignments, EA Tours will try, but cannot guarantee, specific seating for any individual or group. Flight deviations are considered on a per case basis (requests for persons not traveling with the group either one way or round trip) and may be allowed by requests in writing and when allowed, will incur additional fees and be subject to any increase in the airfare which may be charged by the airline. Other fees / charges may apply.

SIGHTSEEING: Most fees for items specified in the itinerary are included in the tour price. EA Tours will make information available concerning optional excursions in which the tour participant may wish to participate during their free time. In order to gain the maximum benefit of your tour, some of the sightseeing may include extensive walking.

GROUP SIZE: Most tour prices are based on a minimum of 15 paying tour participants traveling together. EA Tours reserves the exclusive right to operate a program with ANY NUMBER of participants. Additionally, EA Tours reserves the exclusive right to cancel a tour at its discretion. In the event a tour is canceled, EA Tours’s only responsibility is to adhere to the terms stated in the “Cancellation and Refund” section of the tour conditions.

HOTELS/MEALS: Hotel accommodations are based on multi-bedded rooms unless tour prices are based on specific guidelines as outlined on applicable tour brochure. Generally, the range is two, three, or four persons to a room. All hotels used will be good, middle class hotels and frequently the meals will be taken in the hotel. EA Tours reserves the right to request either individually, or on a group basis, a refundable hotel damage deposit. In the event a hotel deposit is requested, EA Tours will give the tour participant(s) at least two weeks written notice of intent. Damage deposits are usually no more than $100.00 per person and are fully refundable (pending hotel and bus inspections) following completion of the tour. In the event a damage deposit is required of tour participant(s), they will be given instructions as to the method of payment with written notice of intent. In the unforeseen event that due to male and female ratios being disproportionate for rooming purposes, and it becomes necessary for a single room to be utilized, the tour participant who will occupy the single room is responsible to pay a single supplement equal to approximately 25% of the total tour cost. Most meals are included in each program unless otherwise stated. Occasionally a packed dinner/lunch will be provided as the main meal. Also, the participant will be given ample time and notice as to the meals which are deleted so that he/she will be able to plan accordingly. In the event a tour participant and/or entire group chooses to use a hotel, restaurant or any other services other than that selected by EA Tours, additional expenditures are at the sole expense of the participant or group.

NOT INCLUDED: Passport fees, port charges, any visas needed, drinks with meals, a la carte choice of menu, porterage, excess baggage, tourist cards, valet and room service, telephone calls, additional excursions, tour director and long-haul coach driver tips, governmental/ international airline taxes, credit card usage fees and any item not specifically mentioned in the itinerary is not included.

BAGGAGE: Baggage limits are controlled by the airlines and usually limit passengers to 1 medium sized piece of checked luggage and one “under seat baggage.” Strict fees are applied on too many or overweight bags and are the sole responsibility of the participant. It is further the responsibility of the participant to check with their respective airline to understand the exact size and weight restrictions imposed by that airline. EA Tours allocates space for only one medium/large sized piece of luggage and one “under seat baggage.” In the event that group luggage exceeds the allocated space (either in weight or dimensions) on the provided group transportation and EA Tours must hire or charter additional transportation to carry luggage, any excess fees may be shared by all members of the group. Please adhere to these luggage limits.

CURFEW/RULES: All tour participants will conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. It is understood that after dark, or any time otherwise determined and advised by tour leadership, any participant (12th grade or younger) must be with an advisor for evening activities. Chaperones will enforce EA Tours’s 12 o’clock midnight curfew for any participants that have not been high school graduates for longer than a year. Curfew for adult and college level participants is to be determined and advised by their respective chaperone/teacher. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors is expressly forbidden as subject to the laws governing the United States of America. Additional specific rules regarding curfew and other rules of behavior and conduct may apply.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: All US citizens will require a passport for travel outside of the country. Generally, passports must be valid for a minimum of 90 days after returning to the USA. Many countries require validity extending longer than 90 days. It is the responsibility of the participant to have a valid passport. It is the sole responsibility of the tour participant to be aware of pertinent guidelines of the countries they will be visiting. Most participants will be required to submit their passport number, expiration date and name AS APPEARS ON PASSPORT before departure. Any visa requirements for entrance into any country, or countries of a particular program as listed in the itinerary, is the sole responsibility of the tour participant. It is recommended that any necessary visa requirements be filed as early as possible prior to departure.

TEACHER/CHAPERONE RESPONSIBILITY: According to the official rules and guidelines as prescribed by EA Tours, accompanying teachers and chaperones are expected to assist in maintaining and setting an example of appropriate standards of discipline. Also, teachers and chaperones are not to be considered professional tour directors nor are they to act as such, thus freeing them of the responsibilities and liabilities involved with handling tour arrangements. Schools, teachers and/or chaperones and any other involved organization are not to be held responsible or liable for any occurrence or action taken, whatsoever, in conjunction with a tour offering or with the implementation of a tour. Parents participating in the tour are not to be considered chaperones and have no duties or responsibilities in tour leadership.

INSURANCE AND MEDICAL CARE: Optional travel related insurance is recommended and available through EA Tours as well as other travel professionals. Tour cancellation insurance is valuable and could help you avoid costly forfeitures. For additional information concerning optional insurance, please contact EA Tours. In the event that a tour participant becomes ill, loses important documents or for some other reason is unable to proceed with the group on the scheduled itinerary, it may be deemed necessary for another person (teacher, advisor or tour coordinator), for the purpose of assistance and security, to remain with the tour participant. If circumstances dictate that a person remain with the tour participant, then the tour participant must be prepared to pay any and all expenses (travel costs, meals, hotels, etc.) related to the incident for themselves and the person offering assistance. These expenses might include transportation costs to rejoin the group, meal costs, taxi fares and hotel costs. Naturally, when possible, every effort will be made to immediately notify parents and/or guardians.

RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY: Euro-American Tours (hereinafter referred to as “EA Tours”) is responsible to the tour participants in making arrangements for accommodations and services furnished only as listed on the applicable tour brochure. Furthermore, schools, teachers, advisors, parent/teacher/group leader chaperones, or any person who has otherwise volunteered, and any other sponsoring organization are not to be held responsible or liable for any occurrence or action taken, whatsoever, in conjunction with a tour offering. EA Tours shall be responsible to the tour participants as set forth in the brochure except to the extent that such services furnished in connection with the tour cannot be provided due to delays, acts of war, terrorism or causes beyond the control of EA Tours. In the event that services and accommodations set forth in the brochure cannot be supplied due to delays or causes beyond the control of EA Tours, EA Tours will do all that is possible to supply compatible services and accommodations. In the event that the tour operator in its absolute discretion determines that it is in the best interest of the tour participant to amend the services, accommodations or itinerary after the tour has commenced or in the event the accommodations or services are not used by the participant due to his voluntary omission, EA Tours shall not give any tour participant a refund of the tour price. The tour participant and if applicable, his parents or guardians, hereby waives and releases any claim or cause action against EA Tours, its officers, directors or stockholders for any damages to or loss of property or injury to or death of the tour participant by any reason of any act of negligence whatsoever of any hotel, agency or person rendering any of the services and accommodations included in the tour, for any reason whatsoever beyond the control of EA Tours. In the unlikely event that legal action is taken against EA Tours, Voyager Travel and/or its officers, directors or stockholders, the tour participant and/or representative agrees to pursue such action in the state of Florida and the home county where the fore mentioned parties are headquartered. The right is reserved to decline, accept or retain any person as a member of the tour at any time should such person’s health or general deportment impede the operation of the tour to the detriment of other participants. If the tour participant becomes ill or incapacitated, EA Tours may take such action, as it considers necessary, upon parental notification, to secure medical treatment and/or transport the tour participant to the United States, at the expense of the tour participant and/or parents and legal guardians. If at any time the tour participant does not adhere to the rules, standards and instructions of EA Tours and/or its representative(s) the tour participant may be sent to their point of origin with their participation terminated, without a refund of fees, and at the expense of the tour participant and/or parents and legal guardians. In the event that tour participant leaves a tour for any reason, the sole responsibility of Euro- American Tours and/or its representatives is to attempt to make arrangements to escort the tour participant, at the participants expense, to the nearest airport/ bus depot/ train station/ or other exit gateway and aid, if applicable, with check-in and departure procedures. All prices are subject to Governmental, IATAN and ARC regulations if in effect at the actual time of departure. Non-refundable airline tickets must be paid 30 days prior to departure (subject to change).

The above stated tour conditions are subject to revision and/or alteration without notice. The tour conditions listed on the tour participant application supersede and override those listed on the tour brochure.

I understand that during the EA Tours/Voyager Travel, Inc. Tour/Seminar, of which I will be a participant, photographs may be taken of tour participants individually or in group activities and at a later date may be using these photographs for advertising and promotional purposes. I do hereby give my permission to use such photographs, which may include photographs of me, as stated above.

I agree that, in the unlikely event that a sponsoring organization, group, or school instructs EA Tours to alter, change, delay, postpone or cancel my tour (in any way), I am subject to these changes and the tour conditions stated in this agreement. Additionally, I understand that as EA Tours is responsible to oversee and organize the tour on which I wish to participate, that I will not take any action to interfere with, alter, change, or circumvent the rules, policies or procedures of EA Tours management and leadership.

PARENT PARTICIPANTS: Specifically, I will not undertake to encourage tour participants to leave group activities, not attend group activities, or depart from the group’s scheduled itinerary at any time unless specifically approved by tour leadership. I understand that, unless informed of my role as a chaperone and briefed on EA Tours’ official rules and guidelines, I have no duties or responsibilities in tour leadership.

I have read the terms and conditions set forth in the EA Tours/Voyager Travel brochure and the application/participation agreement and I understand they constitute my agreement with EA Tours, Inc.

The stated Tour Conditions contain references to a broad range of items and options which may not apply to your specific tour offering. If applicable, please refer to the Special Tour Conditions section of your brochure for pertinent details.

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