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Discover Taos!

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Discover Taos, New Mexico!


High in the desert of northern New Mexico and surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the utterly charming town of Taos. A mecca for artists and travelers who come from all over to visit its historic adobe buildings, galleries, and museums, Taos delivers big on its rich history and artistic heritage. With its stunning natural beauty and vast assortment of attractions, Taos provides students and educators many unique opportunities to experience this wonderful part of our country. From the centuries old Taos Pueblo to the exciting Harwood Museum of Art, the diversity and culture here blends so beautifully like a well-loved tapestry. The pure air, majestic beauty, and spiritual aurora one feels when visiting is truly special. And it’s all waiting for you on your next educational student tour!


No visit to Taos is complete without stepping foot inside one of the oldest and continually inhabited communities in the United States. Celebrating over 1,000 years of tradition, Taos Pueblo has the distinct honor of being the only living Native American community designated as both a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark. This is a living and breathing Native American community that welcomes visitors to come and experience their traditional way of life. Perfect for student tour groups! Once there, students and their teachers will be able to tour the multi-storied adobe buildings and marvel at their construction. They will also have the chance to talk with members of the tribe, learn of their history, and purchase traditional handicrafts. Sure to be an enriching adventure for all! As your educational Taos journey continues, it may bring you to the fantastic Harwood Museum of Art.


Serving as the second oldest art museum in all of New Mexico, the Harwood Museum of Art is a must see for student tour groups. With an exceptional collection of Hispanic works and an array of art from contemporary artists and the Taos Society of Artists, the museum continually presents the art of this beautiful region through wonderful galleries. Beginning in the early years of the 20th century, numerous artists were drawn to Taos and the surrounding area in search of a new form of American art. They were looking for a place devoid of an industrial landscape and they found that among the New Mexico mountains. Drawing inspiration from New Mexico’s varied landscape, the way the light dances, and the traditional Native American and Hispanic cultures of the region, the artists found something really special. Today, the Harwood Museum of Art invites student tours to learn about the rich artistic heritage found here through the works they present. You will also be able to view more art when you enjoy some time exploring the Historic Taos Plaza.


The heartbeat of the town and the center of the Taos Historic District, Taos Plaza has it all! From art galleries and wonderfully unique shops to live music, people watching, and displays of the culture, student tours will thoroughly enjoy the laid back and fun atmosphere. Once a fortified village, Taos Plaza is now a place for all to gather. The charm of the buildings and friendly locals will stay with you long after you’ve departed. Taos also offers visitors a plethora of hiking trails to get out there and enjoy its natural beauty.


Though it was founded in the late 1700s, people had been flocking to the area hundreds of years before. Since then, it has built up a rich history and diverse culture. Whether you’d like to cross the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (hope you aren’t afraid of heights) or visit the only original church in the area which is still standing, San Francisco de Asis Church, Taos offers student tour groups an educational experience like no other! You will even find some of the best and most authentic Southwestern cuisine. Count me in!


Taos is a magical place. It’s a rolling mesa where the sky and land merge to form some of the most majestic landscapes you’ll ever see. With interactions among Spanish explorers, Native Americans, and American immigrants dating back hundreds of years, Taos has carved out a diverse climate that fosters an understanding for cultures we might not be familiar with. The unique blend of cultures allows educational student tours a chance to study and experience a part of our nation’s great and varied history. It’s a town that continually inspires, amazes, and steals hearts of all who visit. You too will fall under the spell of this “Land of Enchantment.”


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