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Photo Friday: Italian Ceramics.

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Happy Friday educational travelers!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and ready for the weekend. Perhaps you’ll be doing a little shopping…?

This week’s Friday photo is all about the magnificent Italian ceramics that students, parents, and teachers can find on their educational tours to the Amalfi Coast.


The skill that goes into creating ceramics is one of mankind’s most ancient activities. The perfect blend of earth, fire, and human artistry has long created objects that are admired from Roman rulers to the modern citizen for their practical but also ornamental beauty. Since the 15th century, ceramic making has been a rich Italian tradition that is still going strong all along the Amalfi Coast due to the richness of clay and volcanic soil.

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Here students and their teachers will find a number of artisan workshops both creating and selling these fabulous pieces. Once inside the shops, you’ll find a wide variety of plates, bowls, kitchen items, magnets, pitchers, and other wonderful pieces.

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Shopping for the brightly colored earthenware can be a real joy for student travelers as they explore the gorgeous coastline. Next time you’re traveling in the region pick up a piece or two to remind you of the beauty that is the Amalfi Coast.

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