Follow in the footsteps of our nation’s founding fathers as you take an educational student tour of this magnificent city. Boston is one of the most historical destinations in the United States that is rich with history. When touring the city, teachers and students will hear stories of Boston’s revolutionary beginnings as well as what life was like during that time period; making this the perfect educational tour for history students! Among the many popular sites that Boston has to offer, educators and students have the opportunity to visit the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall (Quincy Market), the USS Constitution and the site of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

The most admired site is the Freedom Trail located in the heart of Boston. With Boston Common at one end and the USS Constitution at the other, this ready-made tour is comprised of sixteen (16) significant historical sites each offering a glimpse into the history of these United States for visitors of all walks of life. Among the sites, students and educators will visit the Paul Revere House, Old North Church (famous for the “one if by land and two if by sea” signal related to Paul Revere’s midnight ride), and the USS Constitution. Boston wouldn’t be called the birthplace of freedom if it wasn’t for the Battles at Lexington and Concord. Here you will learn stories about the first military engagements during the American Revolutionary War as well as North Bridge, the location of the “shot heard round the world.”

Besides the world-class museums and amazing historical sites, Boston is a lively city with plenty to offer educational groups. A visit to the Skywalk Observatory on the fiftieth (50th) floor of the Prudential Tower will provide some remarkable views of the city. Boston Common and other public parks and gardens are a great place to relax and people watch after a busy day of sightseeing. There are also many vibrant neighborhoods waiting to be explored. So come and discover this great American city and the popular sites that it has to offer on an exciting educational student tour with EA Tours! There’s already a bowl of clam chowder with your name on it.

A sample tour itinerary for Boston can be found here, and check back in a few days for an exciting post on Florence!

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