What is it that makes Amsterdam so attractive, and leaves visitors wanting to come back you may ask? With over 1,000 bridges spanning 160 canals, Amsterdam is one of the friendliest and most charming European capitals. The city is home to many wonderful sites that are just waiting to be visited on an educational student tour. From world-class museums and picturesque squares, to the canals and markets, Amsterdam has something for everyone! I invite you to come and explore this delightful city with EA Tours.

At the center of it all, the canals of Amsterdam ring the city and serve as one of the main attractions to experience. They hold cultural and historical value, and serve as the symbol of the city; hence earning the nickname “Venice of the North.” The Amsterdam canal district was even added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2010. Situated along the canals are numerous 17th and 18th century houses that are simply stunning to look at. What’s amazing is that not much of the architecture has changed in over three centuries adding to its historical value as well as charm. While wandering the intimate streets around the canals are sure to keep an eye out for anyone moving. Seeing as how most of the furniture has to go through the windows, it can make for a great reason to stop and take a minute to watch this interesting system. Another great thing about Amsterdam is its markets.

There are a ton of fabulous markets of which there are eleven permanent ones. Perhaps one of the more well-known markets is the floating flower market along the Singel canal. Established in 1862, flowers were brought in on barges and sold from the water. Serving as the best known flower market in all of Holland, you are bound to find your favorite flower or perhaps a new one. After spending any amount of time in Amsterdam, I’m sure you’ll quickly notice the most popular form of transportation is…the bicycle! Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities and people of all ages take part in this healthy lifestyle. There are thousands of bikes in the city that they even have their own parking garages! Certainly a site to see I must say. Lastly, a student tour would not be complete without a visit to a museum.

Lucky for you Amsterdam has some pretty fantastic museums that are topnotch. Nobody should miss the Rijksmuseum, the largest in the Netherlands. There are also the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums both of which are truly magnificent. You can really understand the city’s active role in history at the Anne Frank house. It was here that she and her family hid from the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. In a secret annex, Anne penned her diary that would eventually become translated into over sixty languages and cherished by the world.

From West Church to Dam Square and the Royal Palace, there are an abundant amount of sites to visit in Amsterdam. Often misrepresented by its red light district and drug laws, Amsterdam is a city full of elegance, culture, and history. With its friendly and relaxed environment, the city serves as the perfect backdrop for an educational tour. When planning your next vacation, I invite you to experience the Dutch culture firsthand with a trip to Amsterdam!

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