If you love putting on your best costume or anything to deal with ghosts, vampires, witches, and zombies then Halloween is the holiday for you! Places around the globe are getting into the Halloween spirit by offering spooky travel experiences. From tours of real haunted houses, swamps, graveyards, castles, and everything in between, Halloween has a much darker side to it than just getting candy.

So if you happen to be going on an educational tour during the Halloween season check out these fun spots to visit.

Salem, Massachusetts.

Perhaps the spookiest city in the United States, Salem is the site where twenty people were tried and put to death for being witches. Today, the town ups the scare factor with tours to the most infamous sites. Travel back in time on the candlelight Witch Trial Trail and experience Salem’s dark history for yourself. On your EA educational tour of Boston, you will travel to Salem and visit the Salem Witch Museum which is the only building left that has direct ties to the witch trials of 1692.


Ah, Romania! From Emily Gerard’s “The Land beyond the Forest” to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” Romania is the perfect place to visit for Halloween. Steeped in legend, travelers can visit Bran Castle where Vlad the Impaler (Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula) is said to have lived as well as Poenari Castle and Hunyad Castle which were also closely associated with Vlad the Impaler during the 15th century. Vlad the Impaler was known for his cruelty by torturing thousands of his enemies and impaling them on stakes. So book a tour and wander the halls for yourself on Halloween and learn the truth behind these terrifying stories. It’s Dracula’s castle…what’s spookier than that?!

Paris, France.

Home to some of the creepiest places on Earth, the City of Lights is always a popular destination on a student tour. To get in the Halloween spirit, visit the Pére Lachaise Cemetery and the catacombs. At the cemetery, there are miles and miles of tombstones which obviously make it a little eerie. Therefore, it has to be haunted right? Perhaps what’s more terrifying though is what lies beneath. A visit to the catacombs will leave you in shock at the bones of millions that have been uprooted and now line the tunnels in intricate designs. It’s so creepy that it even inspired Edgar Allen Poe!
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Join me tomorrow for three more creepy cities to visit on Halloween!