Washington, DC: The Heartbeat of Our Nation


Ah, Washington, D.C….the Capitol of our great nation and the very seat of democracy.

Home to some of our nation’s best historic buildings, world class museums, memorials, monuments, and of course the White House, Washington, D.C. is a place where students and their teachers can embark on the educational tour of a lifetime! Not only will you be able to witness where history was made, but you’ll also be able to experience a city where the very essence of our nation’s values are being preserved as well as built upon for future generations. When you travel with EA Tours to Washington, D.C., you are sure to to have a fantastic time!

From snapping a photo in front of the White House and admiring the Lincoln Memorial to the somberness of Arlington National Cemetery and sheer vastness of the Smithsonian Institute, our nation’s capitol provides so many learning and teachable moments around every corner!

When arriving into Washington, D.C., a visit to the White House is an excellent starting point for a student tour. Home to the President, First Lady, and First Family, the White House is where they live and work. However, the White House is also called the People’s House allowing all Americans to have a sense of inclusion and belonging. Being able to tour the public rooms of this historic house is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You’ll have the chance to view the public rooms in the East wing which include the Blue Room, Red Room, Green Room, the State Dining Room, China Room, and a fantastic view of the White House Rose Garden. Sure to be one of the memory books! After your educational tour, it’s time to tour the National Mall.

Sure to be a highlight, the National Mall abounds with monuments, memorials, and spectacular museums! Here students and their teachers will have a chance to view the famous Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. The Lincoln memorial stands tall over the Reflecting Pool and serves as a everlasting tribute to one of our nation’s greatest leaders. This iconic memorial was built to pay homage to our 16th President. Etched onto the wall is this memorable quote: “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” Below this sits a 19 foot tall statute of President Lincoln looking out over the Mall and the country he fought so hard to preserve and unite. It is here you’ll also view Lincoln’s greatest speech and the most famous in U.S. history, the Gettysburg Address.

Nearby, the Jefferson Memorial stands out as it is modeled after the Pantheon in Rome. Surrounded by water, the Jefferson Memorial overlooks the Tidal Basin and its stunning cherry blossom trees. Our 3rd President and the author of the Declaration of Independence, the memorial to Thomas Jefferson serves as a reflection of his diverse accomplishments and contributions to society. The walls share his beliefs and ideas on religious freedom and the important emphasis on changing laws to reflect the changing times. Perhaps there are none more impactful than “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Once you’re ready to continue your educational student tour, a visit to the Smithsonian Institution is a must! Comprised of 17 museums, galleries, and even a zoo, the Smithsonian is world- renowned complex. From the National Air and Space Museum to the National Museum of American History, or the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Smithsonian is unparalleled in its reach and scope on various subjects. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many places and things to see and discover that you could spend your whole student tour wandering their halls. Truly a treasure chest and wealth of information for visitors! After you’ve had your fill of museums, no educational student tour is complete without a visit to our nation’s most hallowed ground, Arlington National Cemetery.

Just a short trip from Washington, D.C., Arlington National Cemetery is a place where all Americans can honor and remember our fallen heroes. Here, students and their teachers will be able to witness the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visit the graves of notable figures such as Presidents, Medal of Honor recipients, astronauts, explorers, women, military leaders, and so many more people who represent our great values. You’ll also be able to take in the welcome center, Memorial Arboretum, and various other monuments. Though these grounds are sacred and you may experience different feelings, take comfort in knowing that this land serves as a reflection of our country and the progress we have made.

When you visit Washington, D.C. on a student tour, you are surrounded by culture. You have an incredible chance to see our past, present, and future all working together. This vibrancy is everywhere you look! Let what you learn in your history books jump off the pages and come alive right before your eyes. It will allow you to have a greater understanding and wisdom of our very important history.

Are you ready to explore? Our Capitol is calling you home.