EA Tours specializes in custom designed educational tours to select destinations around the world. We offer a range of free travel and cash bonus opportunities to advisors and teachers who wish to custom design their own tour package and teacher/student ratio. Because tours operated by EA Tours are custom designed, they are custom priced. Therefore, tour prices can not be listed. Once a destination is selected, EA Tours will help organize and form your group. We provide a personalized tour brochure and mailing as well as a presentation to your school’s student body, all at our expense.

Partner with the Best

EA Tours provides student and educational travel with a track record! In the past three decades, EA Tours has grown to become one of the nation’s leading tour companies for arranging teacher/student tours abroad. Our secret? We treat our advisors and teachers as partners, and your students as special guests. We pride ourselves on repeat business and high quality tours. Your adventure abroad is enhanced by excellent meals and restful nights in superior hotels with private facilities.

Financial Security

EA Tours also means financial security and insurance. All airlines ticketing for EA Tours is handled by our licensed and bonded sister company, Voyager Travel, Inc. All advisors and their schools are covered by extensive liability insurance. EA Tours always transports its clients on regularly scheduled flights provided by major airlines such as Delta, Continental, Air France or KLM.

Enroll as few as ten students on domestic trips or six students on international trips, and you can visit Europe, Washington D.C., New York and other destinations around the world as an EA Tours Advisor at no cost to you. If you wish to receive a cash stipend in lieu of free educational trips, you may do so. The key to EA Tours’ growth for three decades has been repeat business from our schools and advisors. Let us show you how stress-free arranging a dream tour for you and your students can be!

College Credit

Numerous institutions of higher learning (community colleges, state colleges, universities and private institutions) often award college credit to students who participate in an EA College Tours trip. Please check with your local institutions to see if this opportunity is a possibility. This can be a great opportunity for students and teachers alike. Please feel free to contact EA Tours if you need additional information about college credit opportunities. Our professionals are available to serve your needs.