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Today’s educational blog post is all about the Tampa Bay Aquarium so I hope you enjoy!

The Tampa Bay Aquarium, established in 1995, offers educational tours a glimpse of the 20,000 aquatic plants and animals from Florida as well as the world. The not-for-profit organization built it’s name and reputation in the beginning years and remains a consistent attraction for travelers and locals alike.

In addition to teacher workshops, field trips and traveling programs, visitors are invited to peruse the simulated wetlands exhibit, a coral reef community as well as a simulated beach. All of these are within a 500,000 gallon tank. Educational student tours will be able to learn about the inspiring natural environment and open their minds to the fascinating underwater world. Beyond the underwater world, the Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Journey to the Madagascar, showcases brightly colored chameleons and ring tailed lemurs, along with hissing cockroaches.

For the more adventurous educational traveler, Stingray Beach offers the chance to touch both stingrays and sharks. There are guest dive programs as well, where the traveler can become part of the live exhibit! At the Wetlands Trail, playful otters explore the waters where many alligators also take up residence. No aquarium would be complete without a penguin exhibit, and Penguins: Backstage Pass provides an excellent glimpse into the bird’s natural habitat. Educational tours will be left with a thorough and fun impression of the waters around us.

Located in the exciting Channel-side District of downtown Tampa, the Aquarium is one of many stops the traveler can put on their lists of things to do during an educational tour.

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