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Photo Friday: Villa Medici.

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Ciao travelers!

Welcome to another edition of Photo Friday. Educational student tours to Italy are perhaps EA Tours’ most popular travel destination. What with the rich history, stunning vistas, museums for days, delicious food, and beautiful people it’s no wonder that Italy is always a happening place for student tours.

Situated at the top of the world-famous Spanish Steps, students and educators will find the incredible Villa Medici.


The Villa sits on the Pincian Hill, and is in the mannerist architectural style with well-manicured gardens. It was founded by Ferdinando I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and now is in the hands of the French state. Since 1803, the French Academy of Rome has used its premises.


I hope you’ll return on Monday where I’ll discuss the history of the building in greater detail.

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