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Photo Friday: The Palace of Versailles.

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Week-end au château de Versailles

It seems that when you venture outside the city to the grand estate of Versailles all of Paris has the same idea. While it’s only a short train ride from the French capital, this elaborate estate is a whole other world and always a hit with students and teachers on their educational tours.

For first-timers, seeing the palace can be overwhelming as it and the gardens are breathtakingly huge!

Originally built as a small hunting lodge in 1629 for King Louis XIII, the Palace of Versailles greatly expanded in the years following. Nowadays it plays host to a staggering number of tourists. It allows visitors to be transported back to a time of all things royal and lavish.

The Palace of Versailles is well worth a visit any day of the year so make an effort to not miss it on your educational tour with EA Tours.

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