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Photo Friday: Mercato Centrale.

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After a full morning of seeing the sites in Firenze on your educational tour, there’s no doubt that you’ve worked up an appetite!

There are times on your educational student tour where lunch is not included, and that’s simply because we want you to spread your wings and venture out and go where the locals go. Florence has no shortage of fabulous restaurants, but if you’re in the mood for something to eat while you continue to explore my advice is to hit up the Central Market.


It’s a fascinating place to visit, and a great place to buy picnic supplies!


Located in the heart of the historical city, the Mercato Centrale is right next to the Leather Market and makes for a fun bout of shopping. This is seriously one of the best food markets in all of Italy and a must for foodies!



Housed in a towering cast-iron structure that dates back to 1874, the entrances to the Central Market are often masked by the stalls of the San Lorenzo market that line the streets outside. The market is comprised of two floors with a variety of food shops for you to browse. The butchers, fishmongers, delis, and cafes are on the main floor, while fruits, vegetables, and flower sellers are on the top. Inside, the market features countless vendors who are dedicated to selling and educating visitors on the primary ingredients found in Tuscan and Italian cuisine.




On the ground floor, you will find butchers who specialize in different types of meat. From the traditional steak, sausage, and chicken you will find pig’s feet, tripe, wild boar, and rabbit alongside it. The delis are overflowing with numerous varieties of cheeses, olives, cured meats, bread, pasta, and balsamic vinegar. It’s ok to try it all, no one has to know. 😉




This is as much a place for locals to do their grocery shopping, mingle with friends, and have an espresso as it is for tourists to discover something new and special to bring home from their travels.




Get there early though as it’s only open from 7 AM to 2PM Monday through Saturday.




Markets are abundant in Florence, but the Central Market is the oldest and main one in the city. Step inside and have a look around while on your student tour. Look at the range of food and how marvelously it’s displayed. There’s such an array of items that you may even see things you’ve never seen before. So take some time and discover all the great Italian delicacies! That’s what traveling is all about right?!



Now that these pictures have whetted your appetite shall we start planning your next educational tour to Italy with EA Tours?