Greetings educational travelers and happy Friday!

One of the great joys about visiting Scotland on an EA student tour is getting the chance to explore its magnificent and often times breathtaking castles and/or palaces. On my recent jaunt across the pond, I hopped in the rental car with my family ready to set out, see, and do everything that this gorgeous country had to offer. As we were on an Outlander tour of Scotland, one of the places we decided to spend some quality time at was Linlithgow Palace.


Located a short distance to the west of Edinburgh, Linlithgow Palace was a favored royal residence for the Stewart kings and queens of Scotland during the 15th and 16th centuries. The majestic 15th century ruins offer a great sense of understanding into what living in such an opulent palace would’ve been like. As you stroll through the gates and step into the cobbled courtyard, a sense of astonishment slowly glides over you.


With its hollowed halls, numerous floors, intricate adornments, stunning lookouts, and maze of rooms, Linlithgow Palace is in every sense of its name truly a palace fit for kings and queens. It’s simply stunning! Though the palace was properly maintained, after it saw the monarchs leave for England in the 17th century, it was seldom used and eventually burned out in 1746. One of its most famous residents was Mary, Queen of Scots who was born in the palace in December 1542. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? The palace is said to even be haunted by Mary’s mother, Mary of Guise. Though I didn’t see her while I was exploring the castle, maybe you’ll be lucky to catch a glimpse. As I said earlier, my family and I were on a tour of the hit Starz series Outlander’s filming locations. So what part did Linlithgow Palace play in the widely popular TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels?

Linlithgow Palace stood in for the prison entrance and corridors where Jamie Fraser was imprisoned. For fans of the show, it’ll probably stroke up some feelings. After you’ve finished exploring, be sure and visit St. Michael’s Church nearby to see where Mary, Queen of Scots was baptized. Today, the palace is visited by educational student tour groups instead of kings and queens making it accessible to today’s educational travelers. Sure to be a hit with fans of Outlander or Scottish history, Linlithgow Palace has a rich history that is sure to enthrall all who enter its gates.

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