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Photo Friday: Hearst Castle.

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Happy Friday educational travelers!

“…It is a wonderful place. I would rather spend a month here than any place in the world.” These were the words William Randolph Hearst wrote to his mother, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, in a 1917 letter.

Hearst Castle is located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in the small town of San Simeon along California’s Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a marvelous place to stop off at when traveling between these two cities on an educational student tour.

The beginnings of what is today Hearst Castle date back to 1865. George Hearst purchased 40,000 (!) acres and turned it into a working ranch where he would frequently invite his friends over for outings. George’s son, William, developed a fondness for the outdoors as well as for history and the arts after a grand European tour he took with his mom.

In 1919, William wrote to Julia Morgan, a famed and well-accomplished architect, saying “Miss Morgan, we are tired of going up there and camping in tents, I would like to build a little something.” With that, he dreamt of a place that was lavish and reminiscent of a Spanish hill town. What followed was the building of three cottages and the main house that was home to Mr. Hearst’s growing collection of antiques.


Hearst Castle is the perfect place for students and teachers to visit on their educational tour as it offers a glimpse into one of the greatest art collectors of the time. I look forward to sharing with you on a coming Monday more about this incredible man and why you shouldn’t pass up a visit.

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