Hello educational travelers!

There are times when traveling that you visit a site of such historic significance that the emotions you feel can be somewhat overwhelming. That was the case for me when I visited the well-known Culloden Battlefield, in the Scottish Highlands, on my recent United Kingdom adventure.

For those who might not know, the Battle of Culloden was the final encounter between the English and Scottish during the Jacobite Uprisings of 1745. On that fateful day of April 16, 1746, the Jacobite forces of “Bonnie” Prince Charlie were overpowered by the Duke of Cumberland’s troops resulting in the bloodiest battle to last be fought on British soil.


Students and teachers who may be visiting Scotland on an educational student tour, may want to consider adding the Culloden Battlefield to their educational student itinerary. The Battle played an extremely important role in shaping the history of the United Kingdom, that students will have the opportunity to explore the visitor center that gives an in-depth history of the events leading up to the battle. Afterwards, students and their teachers will be able to step outside and walk the battlefield themselves.

As you follow the path, you’ll see the memorial cairn and headstones representing the different clans who lost their lives in the Scottish fight for independence. I must say, I was very lucky on the day I visited as the cloudy skies parted ways and blessed me with sunny blue skies. It was hauntingly beautiful.

Stay tuned for my future post on the events leading up to the battle as well as the battle itself.

Until then, enjoy the long weekend,