Financial Security on an Educational Student Tour is EA Tours…

Thirty-five years of successfully operating student tours and group tours around the world and the United States has established EA Tours as a financially sound company who delivers on the promises it makes. All airline ticketing for EA Tours is handled by our licensed and bonded sister company, Voyager Travel, Inc. Below are some facts about EA Tours that will provide evidence of our commitment to making your experience with EA Tours a financially secure investment for your child’s education.

  • EA Tours is a long-time member of the National Tour Association – NTA.
  • All airline transportation is on major airlines such as Delta, United, US Airways, Southwest, Air France, KLM, Iberia, Alitalia and Virgin Atlantic.
  • Extensive liability insurance covering all teachers, schools and chaperones is an integral part of the “EA Tours Promise”.
  • Every EA Tours traveler is offered the opportunity to take advantage of an inclusive travel insurance program covering such items as trip cancellation, trip accident and trip delay.