Happy Friday fellow travelers!

Jeff finishes the week off for us with a glimpse into what the National Geographic Museum has in store for its visitors.

Educational tours to Washington, D.C.will be fascinated by visiting the only museum dedicated to the most iconic magazine of the twentieth century, National Geographic. Located at 1145 17th Street, NW on the corner of 17th and M, the National Geographic Museum is in the heart of old Washington and hosts world-class exhibitions, exclusive events, and an inspiring community of explorers. National Geographic has made its home in Washington, D.C. since 1888.

Educational tours to Washington, D.C. that visit the National Geographic Museum will see the world through the eyes of an explorer, learn about the cutting-edge technologies being used to protect and explore our planet, and take in exhibitions showcasing the work of award-winning and world-changing photographers and scientists— all in one place!

Educational student tours to Washington, D.C. will marvel at the thousands of historic photographs displayed in the National Geographic Museum. A fan favorite is from October 1927 (ninety years ago). Members of the National Geographic Society crowded outside Hubbard Hall to receive tickets to a reception honoring Charles Lindbergh who received the nation’s highest honor for explorers, the Hubbard Gold Medal, from President Calvin Coolidge for Lucky Lindy’s solo summer flight to Paris. Heads will spin at the National Geographic Museum on your next educational tour to Washington, D.C.

Have a great weekend,