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Today’s museum Monday post comes from one of our contributing writers, Jeff. Enjoy!

Educational tours to Washington, D.C. would be well advised to visit the National Academy of Sciences Marian Koshland Science Museum located at 525 E Street, NW, three blocks from the National Mall, one block from the Verizon Center, and one block from the National Building Museum. The museum invites teens and adults to interact with current day scientific issues in a thought-provoking setting. Students use science to solve problems and engage in stimulating conversations with others. In the exhibits, interactive displays illustrate the role of science in informing public policy that affects our lives. Three interactive exhibits encourage exploration with bold designs and in-depth information.

At the Earth Lab: Degrees of Change, students and teachers on an educational tour of Washington, D.C. will learn about the causes of climate change, its impacts and potential solutions. Students examine observed changes, explore the sources of carbon dioxide and discover regional impacts across the globe. Play acting is encouraged as students become policy makers deciding how to respond to climate change in the exhibit’s unique simulation game.

At the Life Lab, educational tour participants will explore the science of healthy living and learn about how the brain works in a digital interactive experience. Students play a brain game to learn how to grow a healthy mind through the choices made throughout life. Videos are made and stories shared with others. Skills are tested at the driving simulator to see how well one can handle distractions.

Finally, at the Idea Lab, students and teachers will explore resilience in a multimedia space where the museum is experimenting with new approaches in collaboration with its visitors. Here, students will immerse themselves in video clips, interactive games, and puzzles. By visiting the Koshland Science Museum, teachers and their students will be informed, amused and entertained by various situations they’ll beĀ faced with in their lives and communities.

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