A couple months back, First Lady Michelle Obama sat down to answer a few travel-related questions for a CNN iReport while in Beijing, China. She chatted about the importance of travel, especially student travel, and how it can open one up to new experiences leaving the person with invaluable life-long lessons.

She received her first stamp in her passport on an educational student tour to France. Her and her classmates spent a week in Paris discovering the culture and learning as much as they could. With EA Tours, you have the power to make your own France trip a dream!

So whether it’s visiting Paris like Mrs. Obama, venturing to Beijing, or exploring the United States, I encourage you to follow the First Lady’s advice on travel, “when you find the opportunity, take it!”

The full interview is below for your viewing pleasure, and be sure to read our blog post on why EA Tours is the educational student tour company for you.


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