Happy Mardi Gras student travelers!

My brother is back with another educational post on London’s famed West End.

London’s West End is a world famous stretch of the city known primarily as the home of the theatre. Musicals, tragedies, comedies, experimental, one-acts; you name it, the West End has it. It’s the Broadway of Europe, and according to many, rivals even that stalwart New York theatre scene.

However, a discerning visitor to the West End knows that there’s more to this area than popular theatrical runs. Student tours will find art galleries, museums, colleges, street markets, nightclubs and more along this famous stretch of Westminster.

Covent Garden is a must-see stop for anyone visiting the city on a student tour. Take in a ballet at the Royal Opera House, learn about London’s storied history with auto and rail at the London Transport Museum, explore the famous gravestones of St Paul’s Church or peek backstage at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane! And be sure not to miss the antique and collectibles day at the Jubilee Market happening every Monday!

Students walking down the cobbled streets of the West End towards SOHO will find plenty to do. Dine in at delicious pubs such as the French House, the Coach and Horses, or Dog and Duck. Or catch a show at one of the many nightclubs, where famous bands often drop in to play a set or two.

You can also venture down to Piccadilly Circus to bathe in the neon glow of London’s own version of Times Square, or catch a film premier at one of the many cinemas in Leicester Square!

At the West End’s heart, however, is the theatre. Countless theatres showing all sorts of shows litter this section of town. Students and teachers should take full advantage of this variety of stagecraft. Watch an A-list star headline a new drama, or delight in a long running musical like The Lion King or The Producers. None of these marvelous productions will disappoint.

Whatever you choose to see and do, know that there’s always something new and trendy occurring in this lively section of London. If you miss something you wanted to do that’s all the more reason to pay another visit!

Until next time and Laissez les bons temps rouler,