Let your imagination go wild. Dream of such places as the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Swiss Alps, the Colosseum and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Rome, dining at an English Pub, scouring the amazing markets of Florence, the scenery of the Amalfi Coast. These are but a sampling of the true joys awaiting you on your upcoming trip. EA Tours is with you now and will be with you as you depart for your wonderful educational experience. WE WILL TRAVEL AGAIN, VERY SOON AND WE ARE READY!

We know that things are uncertain right now, especially in the world of travel, but we want you to know that we are here for you NOW and ALWAYS.

Travel has forever been at the top of people’s wish list and wants out of life.

• Travel opens us up to new ways of life outside our own.

• Travel brings us joy and moments of bliss.

• Travel lets our taste buds go wild as we sample unique dishes around the world.

• Travel connects us to people who are so different yet at the same time all so familiar.

• Travel is a constant thread being tugged at, and that is all the more true and honest now.

Please tell us you have a serious case of wanderlust also?!

Simply put, all forms of travel are life changing. Travel is such a beautiful thing that we could go on for hours.

That is why we hope you’ll join us and some fellow guest writers as we explore this great, big, and wonderful place we call home all from the comfort of our homes. Each week, we’ll be showcasing recipes, museums, travel destinations, tips, and so much more. We hope you’ll join us!

As we adjust to our new normal, we encourage you to take some time and let your travel imagination go wild. The destinations and experiences are endless. Just remember that what we’re experiencing right now in this fraction of time isn’t permanent. It’s just a flash in our ever changing world.

We will come out of this, and things will return to normal.

We will be better informed. Hopefully with a greater understanding and
appreciation for what was constantly there.

We will yearn for that airplane that whisks us off on a thrilling new adventure.

We will take off for new and invigorating destinations that spark endless

We will land in cities that are familiar and comforting, and grab that cuppa at your favorite tea room in England or the small slice of heaven from your top rated pizza restaurant in Rome.

Until then, please stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to traveling with you in the near future,

Kate Barnette And Your EA Tours Team