Hello fellow travelers!

Having the opportunity to go on an educational tour is an amazing thing, but having the chance to share in that experience with your Mom is something wonderful!



As you may recall, I ventured across the pond to Italy this past March to help lead one of EA Tours’ student tours. My own Mom accompanied me and while on the student tour I noticed how many other mother/daughter duos there were. It was a great sight to see!


While some may shudder at the thought of traveling to a foreign country with their parent, that notion never crossed my mind as I welcomed the idea with open arms. You see, I’ve had the great privilege of traveling to numerous countries with my parents and every new adventure with them has brought me many years of joy. I’ve learned a lot about travel from them, especially my Mom.




She’s literally taught me everything I know about how to have a successful trip. She has imparted her great knowledge and skills on what and how to pack the greatest suitcase for any kind of journey. She has shown me the importance of keeping a travel journal and filling it to the brim as a reminder of the incredible memories I’ll have on my educational travels. Perhaps most importantly though, she has instilled in me the benefits of educational travel and how it shapes you into a well-rounded and cultured individual.


Going on a student tour with your Mom is a great way to see the world and its wonders all while sharing it with your best friend. Educational tours leave travelers with a new sense of adventure that is both life-changing and rewarding all wrapped in one. So when you allow your daughter the fortune of seeing the world on an EA student tour, why not share in that voyage with her.

EA Tours allows its teachers to envision their dream itinerary to the world’s most astonishing destinations. It’s up to you to then create lifelong memories! The time spent together as mother and daughter on an EA tour is precious. You will connect with each other on a totally new level and share in life’s special moments.

I only ask you what are you waiting for?!

Book your student tour now and prepare for a time like no other!

Until next time,