Florida: A Land of History


La Florida, or The Land of Flowers, was the name given to this great state by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon when he landed on our famed shores in the year 1513. It was the first time a European had stepped foot on this part of the New World and he wouldn’t be the last.


Throughout the course of history, the state of Florida has seen a rich and varied history. One filled with wars, notable figures, outstanding cuisine, and attractions, both natural and man made, to inspire the greatest of minds.


Here at EA Educational Tours, we are continually striving to always provide the best educational tours for our students, teachers, and adults. With the state of international travel in flux due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, why not explore more of our amazing country? And what better place to begin than where the sun is always shining (well…most of the time. We do have some pretty crazy thunderstorms, but give it 5 minutes and they’ll pass)?


One of the hallmarks of our business is that you as the travelers have the unique opportunity to entirely custom design the educational tour of your dreams! And here in Florida, you’ll have no shortage of ideas. The hardest place might be where to begin? From the bustling metro of Miami in the Southeast and the natural beauty of the Big Bend in North Central Florida, to the space industry on the Central East Coast and the foundation of our history in St. Augustine in the North East, Florida truly has something for everyone! Cape Canaveral is a great starting off point as its home to the Kennedy Space Center. A thrill fort the young and young at heart!


Cape Canaveral’s fame is due to it being the hub for America’s human space program. It was from here that our nation’s astronauts experienced and overcame the challenges of sending someone into orbit. From landing on the moon to numerous shuttle flights to the International Space Station, a visit to Kennedy Space Center allows its visitors to learn and see firsthand some of our nation’s finest work. You can even visit a launch pad! How many people can say they’ve experienced that? All that is possible on an EA student tour!


Opened in 1967, Kennedy Space Center is place for all ages. Come and explore the revolutionary history of the Space Shuttle program, view rockets on display in the gardens, take in the numerous exhibits, speak with an astronaut, participate in various simulations, and so much more. You are sure to be blown away by the sheer scale of the U.S. space exploration programs! You can even try freeze dried ice cream! Wondering if you’ll like it? There’s only one way to find out…


Venturing on up the coast, our students and teachers always enjoy a visit to America’s oldest continually inhabited city, St. Augustine!


Founded in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain, St. Augustine is packed with numerous historical sites that are perfect for including on your educational student tours. Castillo de San Marcos is a wonderful place to start. Constructed between 1672 and 1695, the fort stands guard over Matanzas Bay. Here you’ll take in the fort’s unique coquina walls as guides in traditional period costumes share with you its famed history all while cannons boom. From Seminole Indian Chief Osceola being held prisoner to later being occupied by Union soldiers during the Civil War, Castillo de San Marcos offers a glimpse into the past.


After a long day exploring the fort, you may feel the rest of St. Augustine calling with its beautiful architecture, delicious restaurants, fabulous shopping, and natural wonders. EA student tours will also visit the city’s old gate, Fountain of Youth, the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in the U.S., and the lighthouse if they so please. You’re sure to leave having fallen in love with the city’s old world charm.


So while the lure of European cities and the far reaches of the world might be slightly in the distance for the time being, don’t let that wanderlust slip away. There are an overflowing abundance of historic sites to experience, natural wonders to see, and delicious food to devour all with your best friends and teachers. EA Tours will be here to help you plan the domestic tour of your dreams! So get dreaming because we are ready to see our spectacular nation and all that it has to offer safely when you’re ready to travel.