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Spring is prime flower time not only all over the world, but especially in the Netherlands.

If you’ve liked our Facebook page (if not, you can find us here), you would’ve seen that I’ve posted some pictures of one of our groups that is currently overseas. They were just in Amsterdam and visited the lovely FloraHolland.


With buildings in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Bleiswijk, and Eelde, FloraHolland’s auction houses make up the largest flower auction in the world!

FloraHolland Aalsmeer - Exterieur

FloraHolland Aalsmeer-Luchtfoto

Located in the quaint town of Aalsmeer, FloraHolland’s main headquarters are a stone’s throw from Schiphol airport (aka greatest airport in the world!) This wonderful place covers over 10 million square feet making it one of the largest commercial buildings in the world!

FloraHolland began in 1911 and quickly grew to become the premier international trading platform for plants and flowers. “Together we are strong! That is the notion upon which FloraHolland is based. Growers come together to the same place to sell their products. Together, they are stronger in the face of traders and get a better price for their plants and flowers (FloraHolland website).”

With over 8,000 growers, it all begins at the nursery naturally. The growers know when the plants and flower are ready to be sold. They choose their top-quality which is then taken to the auction ASAP. Here, the plants and flowers are sold as fast as possible. Within 24 hours they’ll have arrived at their destination. It’s pretty incredible!

FloraHolland Aalsmeer - KenniscentrumProductkwaliteit


Some 20 million plants and flowers are sold daily, and I can only imagine the heavenly smell inside. Among the flowers being grown and sold are carnations, roses, lilacs, freesias, chrysanthemums, cyclamens, and begonias.

The auction house is a world unto itself! You too can visit FloraHolland on your educational tour, but you’ll have to get up early. The trip is worth it though as you’ll be able to experience the hustle and bustle for yourself! Watch traders bid against the clock, and leave amazed at the sheer quantity of plants and flowers that are being traded daily to over 10 countries. Many describe it as organized chaos or a complicated puzzle. The close proximity to Amsterdam’s main airport allows grower’s access to markets worldwide.

FloraHolland Aalsmeer klok 2Veilingzaalme tkopers Bleiswijk


They have a great video on their website, if you’re not quite ready to make the trip across the pond.

Below are a few facts and figures for your enjoyment:

  • Annual turnover: 4.4 billion Euros.
  • Plant and flower sales: 12.5 billion items a year.
  • Members: 5,000 of which 600 are based abroad.
  • Customers: 2,450.
  • Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Belgium, and Germany are the top 5 worldwide imports.
  • Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and Russia are the top 5 export countries.
  • There are 20,000 different varieties of plants and flowers auctioned at FloraHolland.


FloraHolland Naaldwijk-Distributieplanten_600x450

Distributie Naaldwijk3


Sometimes referred to as the flower capital of the world, a visit to Aalsmeer’s FloraHolland is a truly unique travel experience that you won’t soon forget. It’s pretty evident the country’s love for flowers, so you’ll definitely want to see these beauties before they’re whisked off to a lavish resort or charming flower stall in Paris. EA Tours can help you start planning your next student tour to Amsterdam today. Just give us a call!

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