There are many advantages that come with participating in an educational student tour. One of those advantages is that numerous institutions of higher learning (community colleges, state colleges, universities, and private establishments will often offer students the chance to earn undergraduate credit through partaking in an educational travel program. In today’s world, getting accepted into a college is more competitive than it has ever been. However, colleges notice and appreciate when a potential student has international travel experience therefore setting them apart from those who don’t. At EA Tours, we’ve partnered with Nicholls State University to offer our customers the chance to receive college credit.

“Traveling abroad with your school or university? Make sure you save room in your suitcase for an extra exciting souvenir — college credits” says the University’s website. With a chance to earn credits in various Arts and Humanities courses, this is a great way to have a blast while traveling but at the same time earning valuable academic knowledge for your future. I myself participated in this unique and fun opportunity, and it couldn’t have been more fun! I was able to appreciate the value of global awareness that comes with an EA educational tour. By being fortunate to have international experience with EA Tours, I believe that their tours help promote success not only academically but personally as well.

I encourage you to check with your local institutions to see if the opportunity to earn college credit through an educational student tour is a possibility. Making it great for students and teachers alike! I especially encourage educators to look into leading an educational tour of their own. Just knowing that they opened their students’ eyes to all that the world has to offer, and providing them with international experience gives them a competitive edge when applying to colleges of their choice! Please feel free to contact EA Tours if you need additional information about college credit opportunities. Our professionals are available to serve your needs.

*To learn how to earn college credits on your Euro-American Tour with Nicholls State University please click here.

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