Hi again travelers!

Yesterday on the blog, I shared with you the exciting news that EA Tours was on Facebook. Today, I’d like to you know that we’re also on the extremely popular site Pinterest!

This is very exciting for our student travel company as we’re able to expand and showcase our love for educational travel on all sorts of platforms.

You can join the EA Tours Pinterest community here.

While some may consider Pinterest as only a site to bookmark DIY’s to your heart’s content, that’s far from the limitless possibilities Pinterest has to offer its users. It’s really the ideal place to satisfy your wanderlust cravings and broaden your cultural knowledge. Whether you’re new to travel or a veteran, Pinterest allows its users to create boards that showcase the world in all its beauty.

Pinterest is wonderful at providing insight into unfamiliar places, people, and cultures. Teachers, I encourage you to suggest to your students to sign up and start creating boards for wherever they may be visiting on their educational student tour. They have a variety of photos to choose from. Including the world’s most renowned destinations, travel quotes, architecture, travel tips, food, citizens of the world, art, and so much more! Pinterest is absolutely wonderful for fostering a sense of global awareness for students nowadays.

When Pinterest users create boards they’re interested in, they expand their understanding of the world, its beauty, and the people who call it home. It’s educational travel in a whole new way! I know that every time I’m on pinning to my heart’s delight all the places I want to visit and new cultures I want to experience, I feel something deep inside. It pulls on your heartstrings and inspires me to get out and travel, and I know it will for you as well.

Obviously, sitting in front of a computer doesn’t even begin to compare to traveling the globe and experiencing it firsthand on an educational tour. Instead, Pinterest serves as a launch pad to all that is waiting in the world. It’s the beginning of a wonderful voyage towards a more global education on travel.

So come, travel the world as our companion, and be grateful for all that it has to offer!

Until next time,