Happy New Year educational travelers!

To kick off the new year, I have another exciting destination spotlight post to share with ya’ll from Matthew.


Virginia is a state steeped in history. A British colony turned revolutionary birthplace, Virginia has played host to many a battles both physical and legal, and was also a contested territory during the American Civil War. Time may have moved on, but in Virginia, it’s possible to peek back at what our nation used to be, and how far we have come.

For starters, students can step back in time with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. Founded in 1632, this one-time British colony served as the capitol of Virginia for a time and bore witness to many of the most important events leading up to the American Revolution.

Today, Colonial Williamsburg is a historically accurate reconstruction of the town circa the 17th/18th centuries. Wander the streets as you watch a local blacksmith practice his craft. Pop into an old sweet shop or take a photo at the stocks. There are many historical re-enactors around to answer any questions and guide you through the town’s history with interactive lessons, tours and more.

Colonial Williamsburg is a must for teachers looking to give their students an up close and interactive look at the birth of our nation, and shouldn’t be missed.

No visit to Virginia would be complete without an educational tour of Mount Vernon, home to our founding father George Washington. A plantation, Mount Vernon has since been converted into a living museum dedicated to George and Martha Washington, complete with special historically themed tours, collections, and reenactments. Walk the same halls as this nation’s first president, explore day-to-day life during the founding of our nation, and enjoy the majestic views of some of Virginia’s most beautiful real estate.

Monticello, Jefferson’s homestead, is another prime Virginia landmark for students and their teachers to visit on an educational student tour. Visit the famous gardens, explore the reconstructed plantation housing and grounds, and visit the final resting place of our third President and statesman, Thomas Jefferson.

Virginia also offers much in the way of content for teachers, but some itineraries can be customized to also include nearby Washington D.C. as part of their educational tour.

Visit the numerous Smithsonian museums, national monuments, and political sites. Enjoy the unique opportunity to get a sense of our nation’s past and future, side by side. See the Declaration of Independence, visit the Washington Monument, stand in the Library of Congress, or take a tour of the White House.

When visiting Washington, D.C. and Virginia, students have no shortage of history to behold.

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