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Today I bring you another wonderful blog from my brother about Iceland and why you should book your next student tour to this magnificent land. I hope you enjoy!

Iceland might not seem like an obvious choice for an educational tour, but this exotic northern locale offers much to the discerning teacher looking for a trip that offers something a little more than the typical travel destination.

Often called the Land of Fire and Ice, with its almost alien landscape of volcanic rock, geothermal springs and dramatic coastline, Iceland offers unique and beautiful vistas found nowhere else on Earth.

The Icelandic city of Reykjavik holds the distinction of being the world’s northernmost capital and is amongst the cleanest, greenest and safest cities on the entire planet. This is a port city, a trading post that has grown from humble beginnings as an isolated Norse colony into a major player in global politics and international affairs.

Get outside of the city and you’ll find many natural wonders. Must see destinations include the famous Blue Lagoon, the sizzling magma tubes, and enigmatic black sand beaches. One popular activity is chasing the illustrious “Northern Lights”, charged solar particles that bombard our atmosphere and react in the form of beautiful light shows that fill the skies. Many local tour companies will hire educational tours out a vehicle so you can track this stellar phenomenon for as long as possible.

Back in town, students will also be able to enjoy a vibrant and varied nightlife. Reykjavik has many markets, clubs, theatres and restaurants to discover and enjoy. From comedy clubs to travelling festivals, there’s always something to do out in the cool night air.  And that’s the surprising thing about Iceland really; for a so-called land of ice, it sure has a lot of hot stuff going on!

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