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Today, I bring you another wonderful destination spotlight by my brother Matthew.
Prague is a magical city full of history, charm, and more than it’s fair share of surprises. Students and teachers looking for a prime destination for an educational tour should strongly consider this European location. It’s classic yet not instantly obvious. It will hit everything you want out of a European destination without that “been-there-done-that” feel. Here’s the skinny on the Czech Republic’s dynamic capital.
First things first; Prague is not only the seat of the Czech government, but it’s also the 14th largest city in the entire European Union, behind Milan and Munich. While known mostly by its picturesque almost fairytale skyline and classical architecture, Prague also boasts a dynamic modern feel as well.
Student tours to the city should definitely explore all that the Old Town has to offer. From the hodgepodge architectural charm of Old Town Square to the gothic wonder of the Tyn Cathedral, stepping through this medieval settlement portion of Prague is like stepping back in time.
Be sure not to miss out on the famous medieval astronomical clock located in Old Town square! Installed in 1410, this is a work almost more of art than science. Every hour, you’ll be treated to an elaborate show complete with hand-crafted wooden figures and charming chimes dating back to the Middle Ages making this the oldest working astronomical clock in the world!
Prague also boasts an abundance of museums scattered throughout the city. Here’s a few off the top of my head:
* The National Museum.
* The Alfons Mucha Museum.
* The Jewish Museum of Prague.
* The National Gallery.
* The National Library.
* The Naprstek Museum.
* The Josef Sudek Museum.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Prague is a culturally rich city filled with hundreds of concert houses, galleries, theatres, and clubs! Throughout the year, numerous film and music videos roll through town. Students can enjoy a vibrant and eclectic night-life, while teachers can use the evening as a gorgeous backdrop for getting to know the city’s spooky and somewhat dark history.
And if the entertainment industry is your thing, you’ll be excited to learn that Prague is a major movie destination, doubling for New York City, Chicago, and even occasionally playing itself.  Just take a look at IMDB and you’ll see that flicks such as Van Helsing, Hellboy, XXX, Blade 2 and more all shot on these iconic streets.
A cornerstone of culture, a storybook city, a cutting edge movie destination, an architectural powerhouse; Prague is all this and more. So give it a look  when planning your next student tour. Teacher’s won’t regret it!
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