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Today I’m bringing you another featured post from my brother Matthew on the great city of New Orleans in Louisiana. I hope you enjoy!

New Orleans is called the Big Easy for many reasons, but for my money it’s because it’s so easy to have a great time. From its swinging bands to bustling streets, its haunting history and colorful cast of characters who call the place home. New Orleans really has something for everyone and then some!

Take an educational tour here and you’ll get an education all right. In living!

New Orleans has been around a long time, and was a key player during much of the Civil War, providing both strategic resources as a port city as well as thousands of able-bodied troops, many of whom were officers and generals. Even though the city was deep in Confederate territory, the Union military occupied the city for much of the war. This means that today, there are many museums and historical sites dedicated to this dark yet culturally important era in our nation’s history.

Students and teachers should by all means not miss Louisiana’s Civil War Museum, located at Confederate Hall which houses the second largest collection of military artifacts from the conflict in the entire country. There are also signs of the conflict littered throughout the city, from aging battlements to buildings still bearing the chips from incoming cannon fire.

New Orleans’ historic roots go further back than the Civil War, and such deep history brings with it many stories and lessons. Take a walking tour through the French Quarter, or wander one of the city’s many cemeteries on a ghost walk. Maybe you’ll spot a specter or spook?

Even if you don’t, you’re bound to learn some fascinating history about the city’s founding, changing dynamics, and delving into stranger realms such as Voodoo or Hoodoo. The city is populated by numerous fortune tellers, shops, and landmarks dedicated to these secret cultures. Heck, you can even buy the ingredients to assemble your very own Voodoo doll right off the street!

One of this city’s greatest assets is its taste and nowhere is this more evident than in its culinary community. This town is littered with five star restaurants, down home family joints, experimental bistros, celebrity chefs and good old Southern hospitality. Seriously, the list of fabulous places to grab a bite is infinite. Students looking to maybe learn a thing or two could also take cooking classes from one of the many schools/instructors who operate in town.

New Orleans is a city of a thousand faces. Educational tours need look no further than the Crescent City to learn more.

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