Hello educational travelers!

My brother is back with another wonderful post for a new destination, Milano!

Milan is a city of many faces; fashion capital, industrial powerhouse, and design mecca.

Beneath all of this, though, seethes a city full of rich history, diversity, and character.

Students visiting Milan should understand that this city is a serious shopping town. From high-end fashion houses to local markets and everything in between, this city has something for everyone. Walk the city streets in any direction and you’re bound to stumble across a magnificent souvenir or a dress that impresses.

Milan has been home to many of Italy’s leading designers, and educational tours can often set up appointments to visit fashion houses, stores and showcases to learn the ins and outs of this eclectic industry.

Teachers should also be aware that Milan boasts a large and vibrant historical and arts scene. Explore where music legends perform in La Scala, one of the world’s premiere opera houses (putting on productions for over 200 years!), gaze upon Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, or stand in awe inside the Gothic cathedral of the Duomo.

Sports fans should also consider taking in a local football (soccer) game with the city’s vocal and loyal fans, while those looking for a fun night on the town definitely shouldn’t miss Milan’s lively nightlife.

Milan is a city that has seen a lot of history, but it’s also looking ahead to a lively future. Educational tours should put this city at the top of their cities to visit list.

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