Hello educational travelers!

For today’s post, I’m bringing you another destination spotlight from my brother on the magnificent city of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a city of tomorrow with deep roots in the past. Once a British colony, this cultural melting pot has since reverted back to becoming a part of mainland China, albeit very much on its own terms.

Interestingly, Hong Kong has remained an administrative region, operating under the idea of one country, two systems. So, while it may be part of the Communist-based mainland it enjoys a colorful and unique culture heavily influenced by Western ideologies.

Known for its beautiful skyline, gleaming business district and bustling harbor, Hong Kong is also a fantastic gateway to the Orient offering cutting edge modern style alongside ancient traditional culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Aberdeen Harbor. On the one hand, the city’s skyline is on full display, below which float the thousands of house-boats and junks that so-called “Boat People” have lived on for generations (some without ever setting foot on dry land)!

This confluence of culture is constantly in flux, making Hong Kong as vibrant and unique as its neon infused nights. Street markets, religious temples, massive festivals, and ancient traditions permeate much of Hong Kong. Something new and interesting really is around every corner; students and teachers just have to know where to look.

Educational tours should consider taking a trip deep into one of the city’s many markets if you want to have a real adventure. Students can visit Cat Street to uncover the multitude of antiquities spread over multiple alleys bursting with jade, ancient coins and parchments or take in the goods offered at the illustrious Lady Market for Chinese curios as well as engaging in the bustling imitation fashion trade (fake Gucci anyone?). The night market at Temple Street should also not be missed, especially for teachers looking for rare and crazy electronic game, gadgets and gizmos.

Hong Kong also offers many traditional tourist destinations for educational tours such as museums, historical sites, and shopping districts. If you’re feeling like getting outside for a spell, consider climbing Victoria Peak for an unparalleled view of the city. Pay your respects at the Man Mo Temple or scratch that art itch at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Hong Kong has a vibe all its own, and is a truly unique travel destination that’s just waiting for students and teachers to uncover its secrets. Why wait?

Until next time,