Welcome back to the Tour Director!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA, but I recently traveled to Italy with one of our educational tour student groups.  I was so inspired while I was over there that I have a ton of new ideas for blog posts. So be sure to check back over the coming weeks to learn of new places and hear of my fun adventures!

In the meantime, I bring you another wonderful post from my brother. Enjoy!

Teachers in search of a premier European destination for an educational tour need look no further than Germany.  With a long and vibrant history, distinctive culture, fairytale landscape and unique flavor, Germany is a great starting point for visitors looking to explore the European continent and its cultural treasures.

Also, there are castles and who doesn’t love those, right?

With a history that goes back (some believe) all the way to the Iron Age, Germany played host to a multitude of important historic events. The founding of the Holy Roman Empire, the advent of the printing press, the Protestant Reformation, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall; history is alive and well here thanks to the Germans who are incredibly proud of their heritage and history.

German cities like Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg are proving to be an eclectic mix of past meets future. Architectural touchstones of previous eras stand alongside the shiny new skyscrapers of tomorrow, aging streets rich with history lead into modern, while cutting edge shopping districts mingle with alleyways from another age. Visit ancient historical sites or take in a brand new show, have lunch at a café frequented by famous philosophers or dance at one of the city’s newest, trendiest clubs. The choice is yours on your educational student tour!

And there’s always something to do! Countless museums, impressive monuments, massive cathedrals, and more can be found in nearly every town and city throughout the country. Time your educational tour right and you can take part in numerous public festivals, or venture into the hills and mountains to get a taste of the Alpine life.

Definitely take some time out to visit the wonderful countryside. Germans are big on the outdoors so you will have no problem finding countless hiking trails, parks, and scenic adventures to embark upon.

So don’t delay! Share with your students the enchantment of Germany and look into planning your educational tour today!

See you soon,