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For today’s blog post, Jeff is back discussing the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. Enjoy!

Any educational trip to Washington, D.C. would be well spent by visiting Cedar Hill where Frederick Douglass spent the final eighteen years of his life. The visitor center and free parking lot are at the intersection of W and 15th Streets SE. The centerpiece of the eight acre site is his historic house which sits upon a fifty-one foot hill. It has been restored to exactly how it appeared in 1895, the final year of Frederick Douglass’s life. The home is furnished with original objects belonging to Mr. Douglass and should be a part of every student tour to Washington, D.C.

Educational tours of Washington, D.C. which include a visit to the National Historic Site of Cedar Hill will experience firsthand the rich family life of Frederick Douglass. By the 1890’s all four of his adult children lived in Washington, D.C. Two of his sons served in the 54th Massachusetts during the Civil War and were portrayed in the Oscar winning movie “Glory.” Both Charles and Lewis survived the War and lived to see their father hang a print of the fighting 54th storming Fort Wagner in the front hall of Cedar Hill. Visitors, guided by National Park rangers can see the print on a student trip to Washington, D.C.

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