Scotland is a wild land filled with magic and lore. Warring clans united under brave warriors, noble knights who battled dragons and mysterious faeries rumored to haunt the moors; many a tale can be told about the mythic landscape of Scotland.

With such a rich and colorful history, no place better showcases the intriguing mix of timeless tradition and modern style to be found here than the capitol city of Edinburgh. 

The heart of the city arguably lies in its ancient Old Town, home to the Royal Mile and the bustling Grass market. It was here that for hundreds of years citizens could come together to witness the very public executions of those who defied the laws of the land. With its cobbled streets and stone houses, stepping into Old Town is like stepping back in time. Just be careful not to run into any meandering spirits, although the ghosts of Old Town probably have a tale or two to tell.

Educational tours to Edinburgh occur year around, which is convenient seeing as the city often has a celebration of some sort occurring all the time. Theatre festivals, ancient fairs, national holidays; teachers should be on the lookout for unique and colorful events that take place throughout the city at any given time.

Students would be remiss if they didn’t visit the historic Edinburgh Castle, which overlooks the city from high atop a hill. The city also boasts numerous museums, a rich theatre scene, beautiful churches and countless shops and restaurants to keep visitors entertained and well fed.

All in all, Edinburgh is a can’t miss educational tour opportunity for students, teachers, and travelers alike.  Don’t let it pass you by.