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I’d like to share with you another destination spotlight on the gorgeous country of Costa Rica written by my brother.

Costa Rica is an incredibly vibrant and culturally rich country full of history, beauty, and adventure. There’s nothing typical about the educational tours offered here, as teachers can expect to find opportunities that abound for their students to learn about ecological issues, Central American history and government, volcanic sciences, anthropologic studies and more!

Explore the verdant green rainforests, steaming volcanoes and pristine beaches as you take advantage of Costa Rica’s most abundant resource: nature. With its incredibly varied topography and myriad climate, Costa Rica has many regions worth exploring such as the adventurous Caribbean coast, the hot springs of the Northern plains, the desert-like dunes of Guanacaste, and the jungles that lie on the interior.

There are countless national parks filled with thousands upon thousands of exotic birds, reptiles, insects, and various other forms of wildlife. For those seeking adventure, there are operators that offer a wide range of packages that include white water rafting, zip lining, mountain climbing, surfing and much more! Every town students travel through will probably have more than enough guides and adventure companies willing to take you on the excursion of a lifetime.

If getting to know the local culture is more your thing, you should know that the people are just as varied as their landscape. Different areas bring different customs, festivals and flavors. But what flavors! From the street vendors selling sugary churros to the coffee plantations serving five course meals plucked from the very fields you’re gazing on, Costa Rican cuisine is definitely a must-taste experience.

So when planning your next educational tour, be sure to take a close look at this Central American paradise. Its vast potential is just beginning to be realized, so get out there and explore while it’s relatively untouched!

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