Welcome back educational travelers to part two of the best travel apps you should have before embarking on your student tour!

Just in case you missed part one, click here and it will open a new window for you to view my top choices. If you’ve happened to already read that one then let’s continue!

Next on my list is…


This marvelous app is designed so that you can follow thousands of domestic and international flights on easy to read maps. Students and teachers can also keep track of their departure gates as well as delays or cancellations if there happens to be any. The terminal layout maps are also useful.


Skyscanner is wonderful because it gathers fares directly from the airlines and well-known travel booking sites to get you the best deals. Price fluctuations are also updated regularly!


This app is ideal not only for students and teachers who are getting ready for their educational tour but for the students’ parents to have as well. It’s simply great for all the smart travelers out there who don’t want to take any chances! TravelSafe compiles all the emergency contact numbers for countries worldwide. Within the app numbers are provided for access to police, ambulances, and fire departments. The app also provides the contact information for every embassy should a traveler ever have a problem with their passport or something else.


This app calculates the optimal time to snag those flight deals.


The ultimate super list! Similar to PackPoint, PackingPro helps its users to remember what they need to pack. You can choose from their sample lists or create your own. As you move through the packing process, you can tick off the items as you gather them together. The app also alerts you to things you might forget to do such as watering the plants before leaving.


This app is for all those travelers who have a hard time falling asleep. With over 500 natural and city sounds, such as rainstorm or crashing waves, you should have no problem after downloading this soothing app.


Curious to see what your airplane looks like or the exact seat you’ll have for the trip across the pond? Then this app is for you! Users are able to do a flight search and view the color coded seating plan. Green means the seat is good whereas red means it’s bad. If you then click on that seat it’ll go into great detail as to why that seat is green or red.


This app is a given and I’m sure everyone has heard of it before. However, if you haven’t, Skype offers its users free video and phone conferencing. Perfect for students who may be a little homesick while on their student tour, they can connect with their loved ones and share with them all about the wonderful time they’re having.


This is a personal favorite of mine, and again I’m sure you’ve heard of it as it seems to be everywhere nowadays! Instagram is a user friendly app that allows you to snap a picture and share it with the world. You can also alter those photos to your liking with various filters and tools such as adjusting the brightness.

Well. that’s it! Those are my top apps that I suggest all students and teachers download before their educational student tour.

With so many apps out there dedicated solely to travel one can simply not go wrong. From the airlines own apps, to spending trackers, and everything in between there’s an app for everyone! Travel apps are a wonderful thing that technology has provided us with to help us better prepare so why not embrace them!

Do you have a favorite app that you use all the time while traveling? Then let me know in the comments!

Until next time,