Hello educational travelers!

As everyone knows, we’re in the “Age of Smart Phones.”

Technology today allows us to have a wealth of information right at our fingertips! Smart phones have quickly become the best resource for everything from checking the news, to connecting with our peers, and organizing our lives all thanks to those great little things called apps.

Those apps then become the ultimate tool when it comes to travel. From trip planners and itinerary guides to accommodations, food reviews, and so much more, proper planning can make all the difference when it comes to educational student travel.

So for part one of today’s post, I’d like to share my selection of the most notable travel apps that you should download before you embark on your next educational tour.


This is a no-brainer as TripAdvisor is the ultimate guide for searching out the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide! In the app, you’re able to browse millions of reviews, photos, and videos of the places you may visit on your student tour. The app also allows you to search for places that are close to your current location as well as explore the restaurants by food type and price. TripAdvisor also offers its user’s free city guides to some of the world’s most popular destinations. The only downside is that they are limited to which cities are available right now. Other than that, I encourage you to download the app and voice your opinion while on your student tour.


Relax and let this app solve your packing woes! Perfect for stress free packing, PackPoint provides its users with an abundance of sample checklists containing all the travel essentials you may need depending on the type of traveling you plan on doing. It’s as simple as creating a trip profile that includes your destination, duration of stay, and purpose of your trip. Voila! You’ll than have a customized packing and luggage checklist with everything you could ever think of all while taking the above factors into account. It’s perfect if you ask me!


This great app allows you to search and book rental cars, flights, hotels, and so much more! Compare deals, track flights, and manage your itinerary all in the palm of your hand. Kayak is a great app for storing everything in one easy to find place.


Need to know how much to tip in a certain country? Then this app is for you! Tipulator is a nifty tip calculator that helps you split bills, and provides you with how much to tip in foreign countries all while saving you from social embarrassment.


Now before you cave and find yourself at a must-visit restaurant for tourists, I suggest you give this app a go. With Foodspotting, users will be able to find good eats and authentic dishes available in restaurants worldwide. Here you’ll find what the locals recommend. This travel app is certainly a foodie’s best friend while on an educational tour.

XE Currency.

Want to know how far that $ will go? Then use this app to convert money from all over the world. XE Currency also helps its users to understand how much money they should expect to receive after an exchange. The amazing part of this app though is that it’s constantly updated so it ensures your exchange calculations stay with the fluxes in the international currency market.


Now this is a fun app that combines photography and postcards. Who doesn’t love postcards?! They are classic travel mementos that you’ll always have to cherish from your student travels. Postagram allows its users to send personalized photos and messages directly from their phone to family and friends on an actual postcard for just 99 cents. Ideal for students and teachers to use on their educational tours, be sure to send us here at EA Tours a Postagram!

Google Translate.

I’m sure ya’ll already know about this app. In case you don’t, Google Translate allows you to rapidly translate whole paragraphs or spoken word. Simply say a phrase in English and it’ll translate it into the foreign language of your choice. There is also a visual translator option as well!


This app is awesome for those with long layovers or that unexpected delay. It provides maps of the terminals as well as restaurant reviews within the airport. The “tips” section is a wonderful part of the app as it tells the average wait time for each terminal’s security line among other things.

I hope this list so far has provided itself as a useful tool when it comes to preparing for your educational student tour. Join me tomorrow as I round out my top travel apps and share final thoughts.

Until next time,