Depending on your destination, many considerations are necessary to ensure your experience is a pleasant one! Take the time to learn about the culture and environment you are going to visit, and pack smart! Here are some tips:

Passport: If you are traveling internationally, a passport is required. Remember to bring a photocopy of it with you (in case it is lost) and leave one copy at home with your family or household.
Visas: Depending on your destination, visas may be applicable.
Plane Tickets and Itinerary Contact List: A list of emergency contact phone numbers, your family’s phone numbers, as well as the phone numbers of other students and faculty on your trip in the event of separation or a lost cell phone.

Check with your select airline(s) for requirements surrounding the number of bags allowed, maximum size, and weight limits.

Liquids for carry-on luggage are required to be in a separate plastic bag. Refer to your airport’s rules and regulations about carry-on luggage.

Limit your baggage and pack light! You may have a lot of carrying to do between the airport, ground transportation and the hotels.

Bank Cards: Call your bank prior to your trip to inform them that you will be traveling abroad. For security purposes, sometimes banks put foreign transactions on hold. This includes ATM cards, debit cards AND credit cards. Make sure you will have access to your funds while traveling.
Travelers Checks: If applicable
Budget: Make sure that you budget your spending for each day of the trip. Remember, different counties use different currencies. Dollars can be exchanged into foreign currencies at most banks. Customs at the airport can also exchange currencies but remember that time is often limited. By using a debit card, credit card or an ATM card, most currencies can automatically be converted through transactions. Have cash on hand and make sure that you have access to extra money in the event of an emergency.

Check the weather before you leave on your trip! Some possible items, depending on weather and your specific itinerary, may include:
• Casual/Comfortable Clothes for Touring
• Dress Clothes for Events and/or Nightlife
• Athletic Shoes or Walking Shoes
• Dress Shoes
• Extra Socks
• Umbrella
• Sunscreen
• Bathing Suit
• Bug Spray
• Hat or Baseball Cap
• Jacket
• Gloves/Mittens/Warm Hats
• Travel Wallet or Pouch for Storing Under Clothing

Look at your itinerary and make sure that you have the appropriate clothing for each day’s agenda. Some religious sites require that guests adhere to their dress code which may include covering your arms. Include a few extra shirts in case you get wet or dirty due to weather or outdoor tours. A small shoulder bag or backpack may be useful for day-trips within your trip.

• Toothbrush & Toothpaste
• Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap
• Personal Hygiene Products
• Hairbrush
• Q-Tips
• Make-Up or Skin Care Products
• Contact Lenses
• Band-aids: In addition to comfy shoes, prepare for long walks and touring. You don’t want to get blisters!
• Prescriptions: In addition to your medicine, bring a copy of your prescription to verify that it belongs to you.

Most cell phones will work internationally, but it is EXPENSIVE. Check with your cell phone provider BEFORE traveling. EA Tourists can also rely on alternative forms of communication such as collect calls, Skype, email, social media networks, and more.
Most destinations have internet sources whether it is at the hotel, a café or shop. Remember that these sources will NOT be available at all times. You can also send your family and friends a postcard!

A converter and adaptor for the type of electrical outlets in the country you are visiting. Information about specific converters and
adapters are available online and at many travel stores.
An alarm clock or a cell phone with an alarm clock
Cell phone and cell phone charger
Camera with any necessary cords, memory cards, chargers, batteries and/or USB cords. Most participants of EA Tours trips take so
many pictures that their memory cards fill up!
Headphones for long durations of transportation

Small snacks for between meals or while traveling. Example: granola bars