When it comes to planning student travel, there are a few things educators need to take into consideration. Educational travel should be more than just visiting someplace new. It should also be about experiencing the entirety that culture has to offer and everything in between. After making the initial decision to go on an educational student tour, educators must begin the process of looking for the perfect student travel company to fit their needs. Doing this is easier than you may think, and below (in no particular order) are my top 5 things to look for when choosing a student tour company. So let’s take a look at things to keep in mind!

1. Safety and Security.

Above anything else, safety and security should always be the number 1 priority when looking at student tour companies. Ground transportation should be with recognized and trusted providers, there should be professional licensed guides and experienced tour leaders, and safe accommodations among other things. Whatever company the educator chooses, the safety of the travelers should be taken very seriously.

2. Lodging, Transportation, and Meals.

I combined these three key things together because they all can make or break an educational tour. Are the hotels you’re staying in clean and comfortable? Are they in a safe and central location? Does the company allow you to have input into where you stay? Will someone meet you when you arrive at your final destination to help transfer you to your hotel? Is the transportation with a reputable company? Are the meals of good quality? These are all important questions to keep in mind and ask when talking to various companies.

3. Testimonials.

Reviews of previous tours by students, parents, group leaders, and schools are extremely important to look over. See what other people have to say about the tour they went on and whether they would travel with that student tour company again in the future. How was the overall quality of their tour? Did they enjoy it and have a good time, or where there bumps in the road that didn’t make it as enjoyable as they imagined? How was the customer service?

4. Academic Credit.

Not all student tour companies offer academic credit, however those that do tend to be more popular. This is a great way for students to get a jumpstart on their college career while having the world as their classroom. The courses that students take can vary greatly and depend on the institution. I highly recommend participating in this program because it is truly rewarding to see your finished work. Just think of all the memories you will make!

5. Reward Programs.

Lastly but certainly not least, does the student tour company offer any incentives for the teachers who will be organizing the educational tour? The companies understand that the teachers have worked tirelessly to get the group together as well as taking care of the participants while on the tour itself. Because of this, you deserve to be rewarded for your valuable time and efforts!

After reading this list, I’m sure you can tell that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a student tour company…and that’s not even all of them! All of these factors play into the overall quality and success of a trip. Above all, student tour companies want to provide a wonderful travel experience for teachers and students alike. Traveling can change lives for the better all while beginning at the end of your comfort zone; so choose an educational student tour company and travel with a peace of mind as they take care of all the work.

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