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Educational tours to Washington, D.C. mix affairs of state and religion in the finest way by visiting our National Cathedral, located at the corner of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues in the northwest quadrant of the capital city on a piece of land known as Mount St. Alban. The dream of a national cathedral dates to the earliest days of the country, when President George Washington and famed architect Pierre L’Enfant imagined a “great church for national purposes.” More than a century would pass before Congress granted a charter to the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation of D.C., allowing it to establish the church. The most commanding spot in the entire Washington area was chosen as the site from which the great cathedral would rise, and its foundation stone was laid in 1907 as President Theodore Roosevelt addressed a crowd of about 10,000. Bethlehem Chapel opened for services in 1912.

Educational tours to Washington, D.C. will marvel at the stunning architecture of the Cathedral, rising 676 feet above sea level. It weighs 150,000 tons and cost $65 million to build. It wasn’t completed until 1990! 288 angels adorn its two west towers. The north rose (its largest stained glass window) has a diameter of 26 feet across. 112 gargoyles also guard the imposing structure. The great organ has 10,650 pipes. Over 220 people are buried in the cathedral including Woodrow Wilson and Helen Keller. Almost half a million visitors and worshippers come to the Cathedral annually. Make sure you do, too, on your next educational tour to Washington, D.C.

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