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London is a metropolitan center with a nearly endless array of sites to explore, events to experience, and culture to uncover. From the Houses of Parliament and Abbey Road to Buckingham Palace and Sherlock’s home at 221B Baker Street, there’s something around every corner that is steeped in history. None could be more so than the infamous Tower of London.

Originally built as a castle, it became a prison in 1100 and remained such until 1952. That’s a whopping 852 years! Just think if those walls could talk! It has also served as a menagerie, the Royal Mint, and an armory. The Tower was a castle at its core, however, and often served as a royal residence. Many contend that controlling the Tower was key to controlling the country, and as such has been the site of many an important battle (both on the battlefield and in the backroom politics of royal schemes).

Students and teachers wishing to visit the Tower of London on their educational student tour can easily reach it via the tube network and disembark at Tower Hill. Upon entering the walls of the Tower, the first thing students and educators might notice are the large amount of black ravens roaming the grounds. They are direct descendants of the large flocks that frequented the countless public executions. Stories tell that the presence of the ravens is believed to protect the Crown and the Tower, and that if the ravens are to ever leave the Tower, the Crown along with Britain will fall.

A guided tour given by one of the colorfully and traditionally dressed Beefeaters is a must for any visiting educational tour. They are a wealth of information! Listen closely as they recount many of the famous individuals who were imprisoned here, or of the gory deaths that occurred at the central gallows. The Beefeaters will also take visitors through the dungeons. Here students and teachers will experience the dark side of the Tower’s history. Complete with replicas of the torture machines used during the time, visitors will see where countless and unfortunate souls perished during the darker days of the Tower.

Don’t fret however, because it’s not all darkness and despair at the Tower! There’s plenty of military, architectural, and royal history to be learned. Not to mention the crowning jewel of the Tower; the Crown Jewels themselves.

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These stunning artifacts are on display for all the public to see albeit under heavy guard. You can look, but definitely don’t try and touch or get any other wild ideas. They are watching you like hawk inside that tiny room.

The Tower of London is a wonderful place to start for any student tour. Here students and teachers can get a sense of London and its turbulent history. If you’re interested in making the journey to London and walking those famous grounds, EA Tours is the educational student tour company for you! Feel free to look at one of our sample itineraries or get in touch with us directly to custom-plan your educational tour.

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