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For those who live in the United States, I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July! For today’s post, I’m bringing you another fabulous destination spotlight from Matthew. I hope you enjoy!

Salzburg is a city which embodies the best of what Austria has to offer. Steeped in history and culture, it is also a thriving modern metropolis offering as many new and eclectic experiences as well as classic and traditional ones. Educational tours looking to visit Salzburg will have a wealth of options at their disposal; art galleries, museums, castles, boulevards, shopping districts and more. Here’s just a taste of what’s in store for students and teachers visiting this jewel of the Austrian Alps.

Salzburg is well known haven for the arts, which makes sense considering it fostered one of the world’s greatest composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Music lovers should be certain to include Hagenauer House (Mozart’s birthplace) as well as the Tanzmeisterhaus (Mozart’s residence) on their journey throughout the city. Follow in this legendary musician’s footsteps, see the very instruments he composed on and learn about his storied, not to mention colorful, life.

If modern art is more your speed, teachers should consider taking their students to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, which is split into two locations (one at the historic city center, the other overlooking the eclectic skyline of the Old City).

Teachers on the search for a more historical tone will find plenty to love in the Salzburg Museum, located on scenic Mozart Square. Chronicling the history of the city and the surrounding country, this state of the art facility covers a wide range of disciplines including archaeology, architecture, art history, science, photography and national crafts. This is just one of countless museums and private galleries littered throughout both the New and Old Town.

For a change of pace, why not try the Salzburg Zoo, or take a trip through cinematic history with a Sound of Music Tour (much of the film was made around the city). Educational tours venturing outside the city limits can look forward to numerous castles, palaces, and estates in the surrounding country, more than enough to keep students entertained for an afternoon or two.

This is just a taste of the wonderful excursions and locales that Salzburg has in store for its educational visitors. So don’t delay. Get out there and explore!

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