Splendors of Masonic England & Scotland

The Grand Master’s Tour

Offering The Splendors Of

Masonic England & Scotland


$5145.00 From New York                                    OR $3745.00 Land Only   

October 4 – October 13, 2024                                    Tour Code: 225130

On October 4th, you will depart the U.S. to begin your United Kingdom Masonic adventure, landing in the timeless city of London on October 5th to discover the hidden treasures of this city.  Fantastic excursions, cultural encounters, preserved historical sites, delicious foods and wonderful shopping make this trip exciting and rewarding.  Bring these memories home with you on October 13th.





October 5-9, 2024

On October 5th, you will arrive to England to begin your adventure by exploring Canterbury Cathedral*, one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England, followed by the Kent Museum of Freemasonry* housed with a rare collection of masonic exhibits.  Following your first day of sightseeing, you will transfer to your hotel for check-in. As the center of the glorious British Empire for numerous centuries, London has much to offer visitors in the way of entertainment and adventure.  On October 6th, your day begins by visiting the ever-important British Museum, enjoying the many artifacts and treasures, such as the Rosetta Stone and the Egyptian Collection.   Your afternoon will be devoted to a local London city tour seeing such splendors as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. This evening you will enjoy a wonderful Gala dinner* before returning to your hotel.  The highlights of October 7th begins with your visit to the United Grand Lodge of England, followed by exploring London’s iconic castle, the Tower of London*, where beefeaters tell historic tales, and where you will find the fabulous Crown Jewels.  October 8th offers an excursion to the prehistoric monument Stonehenge* followed by a visit to the charming town of Bath with its ancient Roman Baths* and the Bath Masonic Museum.  October 9th begins with your transfer to the airport to connect with your flight to Edinburgh.  Bid farewell to London as you travel to Edinburgh.


October 9-12, 2024

October 9th takes you to Edinburgh, Scotland, known as the “Prince of Cities”.  Upon arrival to Edinburgh and time and flight schedule allowing, you will visit Stirling Castle*, one of the largest, historically important and, best-preserved castles of Scotland.   From Stirling, you will transfer direct to your hotel for check-in.  Begin October 10th  with a guided city tour* including Edinburgh Castle*, the historic fortress which dominates the skyline of Edinburgh. This afternoon allows free time to visit Charlotte Square, Princess Street Gardens, St. Giles Cathedral, museums, shopping or to enjoy high tea with wonderful, clotted cream.  The morning of October 11th takes you for appointments at the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Cannongate-Kilwinning Lodge.   Your afternoon will take you to a Scotch Distillery, and following your tour, a chance to sample some of the local pure malt Scotch Whiskey. The evening takes you for a visit of the 15th-century Rosslyn Chapel* founded on a small hill above Roslin Glen as a Catholic collegiate church, followed by a wonderful dinner at Roslynn InnOctober 12th takes you to the town of Ayr to Celebrate Scotland’s national poet with a visit to the Barr Castle Lodge, Robert Burns Museum*, followed by lunch* at the Brig O’ Doon House Hotel*.  Your overnight will be at a hotel nearby to Glasgow International Airport.  On October 13th, you return to the United States with fond memories, amazing experiences, and perhaps a souvenir or two from your English Scottish adventure.


SPECIAL TOUR CONDITIONS: **The trip is being offered with two ways to travel.  You can travel with an estimated airfare from New York City (as of 02/15/2024) included in the tour price or, you can elect to travel as a Land Only participant and arrange your own roundtrip flights to the UK (into London and returning from Scotland).  If you choose to use the Land Only price, you will be advised well in advance of the group’s flights schedules so that you can coordinate your meeting up with the group on the day of arrival to London.  if payments are made by cash or check, is $5145.00; otherwise, if paying by credit card, the estimated standard non-discounted price is $5299.00.  If you wish to use a credit card for your initial deposit, you will be allowed to pay the remaining payments by check and still receive the discounted tour price. Trip price is based on double occupancy and includes point-to-point transportation between cities while in England and Scotland, all breakfasts, 1 lunch and 2 evening meals.  Additionally, *Entrance fees and/or transportation marked with an asterisk are included in the tour price (Canterbury Cathedral, Kent Museum of Freemasonry, Tower of London, Temple Church, Excursion to Stonehenge, Roman Baths in Bath, Edinburgh Castle, Rosslyn Chapel, and Excursion to Ayr and the Robert Burns Museum).  Additional items may be offered optionally, are subject to availability and are not included in the tour price.  A guaranteed single room may be available for a supplemental charge of $785.00.  Included are the estimated applicable governmental international airline ticket taxes, fuel surcharges, security surcharges, and associated fees. If applicable, unforeseen tax increases will be billed on a supplemental invoice. A minimum number of paying participants may be required to operate the tour.

 A $500.00 non-refundable (for any reason) application fee / deposit is required to reserve your space on this tour.  All tour participants must submit an online application.  Please go to “Student/Traveler Sign Up” on the home page at www.EAtours.com.  Your tour number is 225130 and must be entered on your online application.   Very specific conditions relating to Covid 19 apply and are listed in the Tour Conditions of the online Participation Agreement and Application at eatours.com.

A second payment of $1000.00, for which you will receive an invoice, will be due no later than 30 days from the date that EA Tours receives your initial payment and online application.   Final payments are due no later than ninety (90) days before departure.

Updated tour details (hotels, day by day itinerary, flights, etc.) are scheduled to be released approximately four weeks prior to departure.    Additional tour conditions apply and are listed in the Tour Conditions Section on the Online Application. Applicable items listed above may supersede those listed in the tour conditions section on the online application.