Card- Wales & England

March 8th – 11th, 2015
After departing Memphis on March 7th, you will arrive in the United Kingdom at London’s Heathrow airport the next morning. Upon arrival on March 8th, you will visit Windsor Castle*, the official residence of the Queen and the largest occupied castle in the world, before continuing to Cardiff, capital of Wales. On arrival you will travel to your hotel for check-in before enjoying the rest of your evening exploring area points of interest with your tour leader. Begin March 9th with a guided tour of the city including Cardiff Castle*, which was originally built in the 11th century by Norman Invaders on the site of a 3rd century Roman fort. This afternoon you will enjoy a delightful excursion to visit Caerphilly Castle*, the second largest castle in Great Britain famous for its elaborate water defenses and large gatehouses. March 10th is dedicated to an excursion to St. Fagan’s Natural History Museum*, and open air museum which displays the culture and architecture of the Welsh people with over 40 re-erected buildings including St. Teilo’s Church dating from the 12th century and St. Fagan’s Castle dating from 1580 A.D. On March 11th you will depart for London with visits en-route to Caerleon*, home to the ruins of a Roman fortress and Baths, Caerleon is also famous for its association with Arthurian legends as the site of the coronation of Arthur and Caerleon’s amphitheater as the basis for the possible source for the legend of King Arthur’s Round Table. The same day will bring you to the mysterious Salisbury Plain where stands Stonehenge*, an ancient arrangement of huge stones and earth that has baffled archaeologists for years. Upon arrival to London, you will enjoy discovering area points of interest with your tour leader after checking into your London hotel.
March 11th – 15th, 2015
Center of the glorious British Empire for many centuries, London has much to offer to visitors in the way of entertainment and adventure. On March 12th you will enjoy a guided city tour* where you may see iconic sites such as Big Ben, Parliament, culminating with a visit to Westminster Abbey*. The next day, March 13th, a visit is planned to the infamous Tower of London*, where beefeaters will tell historic tales and you may have a chance to view the fabulous Crown Jewels. Later that afternoon you will enjoy a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre*. This evening you may optionally choose to enjoy a ride on the London Eye. Sightseeing with your tour leader will be the focus of March 14th, with possible stops at Her Majesty’s residence at Buckingham Palace, British Museum, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus. You may optionally wish to enjoy a Thames River Cruise (complimentary to those who submit their application and deposit by October 15, 2014). This stunning cosmopolitan metropolis offers history and pageantry, museums, theatre, tea shops, the first Hard Rock Café, and shopping at such high-end establishments as Harrods’s and Selfridge’s. On March 15th you will return to the United States with fond memories, amazing experiences and perhaps a souvenir or two from your European adventure.