Marist School - Dr. Anne Washington Saunders

June 5th         

Today you depart the United States on your overnight flight to Europe.  Naturally, meals will be served and optional in flight entertainment will be offered.


June 6th   

Upon arrival to Paris you will board your continuing flight to Rome. Upon arriving in Rome you will meet your private coach to transfer to Pompeii to check into your hotel.


June 7th    

Today will be dedicated to visiting Mt. Vesuvius in the morning  before exploring Pompeii in the afternoon. Here, the Roman Empire speaks directly to you through glimpses of ancient everyday life and real people frozen in time since the city’s burial by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.


June 8th

Enjoy a fantastic opportunity to visit the preserved remains of the ancient city of Herculaneum which also found itself caught in the calamities of the Vesuvius explosion centuries ago, before visiting Stabiae in the afternoon.


June 9th

An exciting excursion is planned to Sorrento and Capri where you will see such sites as authentic coastal villages, marine caves, cliff faces which drop dramatically into the sea, La Grotta Azzurra (the Blue Grotto) or stroll through the center of Capri with its luxurious boutiques, artists’ studios, churches and the remains of Roman villas.


June 10th

You will bid farewell to Pompeii as you continue your journey to Rome. Before arriving in Rome by train, you will enjoy stops along the way including visits to the Naples Archeological Museum, and the coastal towns of Terracina and Sperlonga.  After checking in to your Rome hotel you may enjoy visiting points of interest with your tour leader including such sights as Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain and more.


June 11th

Today begins with a City guided tour, exploring the numerous historical districts which make up the heart of ancient Rome including such sites as the Forum.  The afternoon is dedicated to a guided visit to the Vatican Museums, where you will have a chance to view religious relics and treasures accumulated over the centuries. You’ll also get a chance to visit the gorgeous Sistine Chapel, painted by the illustrious Michelangelo, and explore the massive St. Peter’s Basilica.


June 12th 

Today is dedicated to visiting sights as determined by your advisor which may include  San Clemente, Ara Pacis Augustae, and the Coliseum. While exploring the wonders of this timeless city,  a visit is planned to discover the treasures of the Capitoline Museum (free to those who submit their application and deposit by the deadline), the world’s first public museum, offering a wonderful collection of sculpture and painting including pieces like the Etruscan, bronze She Wolf  with fabled twins Romulus and Remus and Caravaggio’s St. John the Baptist.


June 13th

Today begins with a visit to Palazzo Altemps and an opportunity to explore the Via Condotti.


June 14th

Dedicate today to an excursion to Tivoli by train to visit Hadrian’s Villa.  This afternoon you will enjoy discovering other points of interest with your tour leader, or simply have a relaxing day shopping and enjoying one of Rome’s many outdoor cafes.


June 15th

Explore Via Appia Antica, an ancient historic road just outside Rome’s city center.  The beginning of the road, outside the Porta San Sebastiano, a gate in the city walls, is lined with interesting historic buildings, including the church of Domine Quo Vadis, where St. Peter is supposed to have had a vision of Christ.  There are also catacombs set close to this stretch of road, Ardeatine Caves and the Pyramide which you may visit on the day’s journey.


June 16th  You will return to the United States , bringing home great memories and wondrous new experiences.