In order to prepare for a big international trip, one should do a little research. That is why I’ve decided to create several categories that encompass tips solely on traveling. From initial trip planning to health and money sense to sightseeing, you can guarantee there will be an article to answer all your student travel needs. If you have a topic you want to be covered simply leave a comment!

To help you win at the game of travel, here are 6 fun tips that you may not have considered that could make your life easier.

  1. Rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing. So roll your clothes and save space! Who doesn’t want that?!
  2. To avoid jet lag, get plenty of exercise before you travel and keep hydrated. Also, when you land resist the urge to sleep and instead begin exploring the city you’re in all while getting some fresh air.
  3. For the women out there do tangled necklaces leave you frustrated? If so, thread your necklace through a straw. Genius I know!
  4.  Pack dirty shoes in a shower cap.
  5. Contact cases make for perfect makeup storage!
  6. Have some extra cash? How about storing it in an empty lip balm?

Keep a lookout for future posts on travel tips that will help you explore the world confidently, efficiently, and safely on your educational student tour all while having the time of your life.

Until next time,